CA Female Prisoners Fear Being Housed With Transgender Inmates Under New Law


Female prison inmates in California are being warned by wary guards that “the men are coming” as a new laws take effect in the state which allow inmates to be housed in the facility that corresponds with their gender identity.

Inmates at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla say guards are warning them to expect sexual violence, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“That if we think it’s bad now, be prepared for the worst. That it’s going to be off the hook, it’s going to be jumping,” 41-year-old Tomiekia Johnson says the officers have told her. “They say we’re going to need a facility that’s going to be like a maternity ward. They say we’re going to have an inmate program where inmates become nannies.”

Previously in California, the LA Times explained, transgender and intersex—traditionally known as hermaphrodites—were placed in facilities that could best accommodate their unique medical and mental health needs.

According to the law that took effect January 1 of this year, inmates will “all inmates will be asked upon admission about their gender identity, their pronouns, whether they prefer the female or male search policy, and if they want to be housed in an institution that aligns with their gender identity, according to the corrections department,” the LA Times explained.

“Inmates can request transfers to their correctional counselor, which are then considered by a committee that includes the warden, custody, medical and mental health staffers, and a PREA compliance manager. Staffers review the inmate’s criminal record, health needs, custody level, sentence and safety concerns,” the report added.

The newspaper also noted that prison officials are already working with transgender inmates to identify anyone who might be wanting to transfer to women’s prisons “under false pretenses.”

When the bill was being debated, National Review slammed its proponents for failing to address the potential risk such policy could pose towards women.

“The bill does not include any data, information, or even a single reference to the vulnerability of incarcerated females to violent assault from males,” the conservative outlet wrote at the time.

“This is striking given that more than 90 percent of rape and sexual-assault victims are women and the overwhelming majority of rapes are committed by males. No one has yet demonstrated how transgender women pose less of a risk to women than the rest of the male population does. But, at any rate, the bill as drafted fails to set forth any way to stop a male — any male, including sex offenders — who identifies as female from getting access to vulnerable women.”

As has often been the case to the chagrin of mainline transgender advocates, left-wing feminists slammed the bill as well.

Abigail Lunette, NR noted, who described herself as a “Democrat, feminist, and an advocate for women’s rights” was among them.

“Right now, Richard Masbruch, a trans-identified male, is currently housed with female inmates in Corona, even though he is serving time for targeting, raping, and torturing women. Under no circumstances is this morally justifiable,” she said while addressing the California assembly hearing on the bill.

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