CA Gov. Signs Bill Guaranteeing Medi-Cal Coverage for Transgender Treatment, Surgery for Foster Children


The struggles foster children go through is unimaginable to anyone raised by their own parents.

The confusion, depression, and risk they are subject to living life in the system makes any decent person’s heart ache.

We have heard far too many horror stories of the awful homes children can live in, but as most adults who spent time in foster care as children will tell you, simply not having a home to call your own and constantly being shuffled around is difficult enough when you’re a child.

There are no doubt many mental struggles that accompany life in the system, so it is no surprise that some foster children suffer from gender dysphoria. It is certainly reasonable to consider the psychological needs of any child in foster care…but now, California will be using tax dollars to pay for much, much more than therapy for gender dysphoric children in the foster care system.

They’re going to be paying for everything from hormone blockers to surgery.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed into law a landmark bill that gives, as a right, access to medical services, including counseling, hormone therapy and surgery, to transgender youth in foster care.

The services will be covered by Medi-Cal for transgender and gender nonconforming youths and include other services, such as dental and vision.

Assembly Bill 2119 was introduced by Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), who said the law will “empower transgender foster youth to live authentically and simply be themselves.”

“The passage of AB 2119 today is a momentous sign of hope for transgender foster youth living in the system growing up feeling neglected, forgotten, or out of place,” Gloria said in a statement after the bill’s passage in the state senate last month.

So before a child or teenager can even be guaranteed a permanent home, they’re allowed to make permanently life-altering decisions, without the love and guidance of committed biological or adoptive parents.

Let that sink in.