CA High School Vice Principals Arrested, Accused of Failing to Report Students’ Sexual Assault

Screenshot: NBC Los Angeles

Two high school vice principals in Rialto, California have been arrested after police say they failed to report alleged sexual assaults of students which took place on campus.

David Yang, 38, and Natasha Harris, 37, were escorted off campus in handcuffs as local reporters looked on last week over allegations that they were informed that a 15-year-old student was assaulted by another student and brushed off her claims.

“They failed to notify us, they failed to notify police,” the now-16-year-old student’s father, Bryan Tecun, told NBC Los Angeles.

He says that the girl was told, “Maybe it was the way you were dressed or you might be seeking attention.”

Mother Stephanie Olvera says the incident took place last November when a 17-year-old student assaulted her daughter.

Due to the brush off from school administrators, she kept the incident from her parents.

“For that reason, she kept quiet because she was afraid she was going to get expelled from school,” Olvera said.

That is, until earlier this month, when the girl complained again to school administrators that the alleged assailant was harassing her.

This prompted a call home, during which Olvera was told “not to worry.”

“I’m the one that called police because they failed to do so,” she said.

Rialto police say the incident brought to light two other potential victims of the alleged assailant, one of whom reported the assault to the school in September.

Yang and Harris have now been charged with felony count of child abuse and two misdemeanor counts of failure to report child abuse or neglect by the San Bernardino County District Attorney.

“They’re mandated reporters and they are supposed to do their job,” said Tecun. “They should be held accountable every way shape and form possible.”

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