CA School Board Pres. Resigns After Teens Offered Booze at His Home During Raunchy Christmas Party


A Los Angeles County school board president has resigned after being slammed by horrified parents whose students were offered booze, subject to inappropriate comments, and forced to rub elbows with half-naked adult entertainers at his personal residence.

Steven Llanusa invited a high school choir to perform at his Christmas party on December 3 where, according to several parents, they were made to wait an hour before their performance and invited to partake in the very adult festivities.

One parent told the school board that the students “were offered an open bar and to socialize with the half-naked men, the dirty Santa that offered and made disgusting comments to our children.”

What’s more, after their performance, Llanusa offered the students money to stay and help clean up.

“Mr. Llanusa invited the high school choir group into his private adult party in his home,” parent Sabrina Ho told the school board during a lively meeting that ultimately led to Llanusa’s resignation.

“They were encouraged to partake in food and festivities,” she said. “The students didn’t begin their scheduled performance until over an hour later and were offered alcohol by party guests among inappropriately dressed adult entertainers.”

“My 16-year-old son stayed in Mr. Llanusa’s home at his invitation for almost four hours. My son did not ask if he should or could leave, because the CUSD School Board member in charge asked him to stay,” she explained.

She also declared the incident was a “gross misuse of power from an educational leader.”

Another parent who voted for Llanusa as school board president said she has “zero confidence in his decision-making, and in his ability to represent our district as a member of the school board.”

Interestingly, one Claremont resident says that the disgraced former school board official’s raunchy Christmas parties are nothing new.

“He always has … adult performers there dressed like that as eye candy at the party,” said Deborah Kekone. “They post pictures every single year of the party.”

“The party wasn’t any different than any other party he’s ever had, it’s just that he decided this time to bring kids and expose them to all kinds of things that their parents were not aware of.”


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