California County Declares Itself “Sanctuary” for Church Services, Worshipers Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Restrictions

2013 Catalyst West Photos by Brian A Petersen

It’s always important to remember that we live in a federal republic. This means that we elect officials at local, county, state, and national levels to represent us and do our will.

Each of these elected officials is beholden to us, the voters, and to the Constitution that places the supreme power of our state in our hands.

Federal and state officials do not have the authority to supersede your rights, and every single elected official below any tyrant is morally bound to you, not to the tyrant violating your rights.

This important philosophical principle behind the function of our system is well exemplified in San Luis Obispo District Attorney Dan Dow, who has said he will not be prosecuting anyone for attending church services which, as The Christian Post notes, have been considered unlawful in most counties in California under Governor Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus orders.

“I declare San Luis Obispo County a sanctuary county for singing and praising in our houses of worship,” Dow said in a video he posted to Twitter. “Inherent with my responsibility to enforce the law is the discretion I have … to pursue only those charges that are warranted and are in the interest of justice.”

CP explains:

More than 30 counties in California are not allowed to gather for church services, according to Newsom’s order that places even greater restrictions on counties included in the state’s COVID-19 watch list.

Gatherings of 10 people or more in households in those counties are also banned, essentially prohibiting some in-home Bible study gatherings. Whether a church can legally gather or not, singing during worship is disallowed under Newsom’s order.

Churches in other counties not on the watch list are permitted to gather in limited capacities as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

In his Twitter video, he also referenced a speech he’d given on July 4th where he addressed the importance of the First Amendment and first declared that San Luis Obispo County was to be a “sanctuary county for worship and praise in church.”

“Now more than ever in 2020, we need more people attending their houses of worship and seeking help from the Almighty for an answer to the coronavirus,” Dow said. “In that spirit, I’m calling on people of faith in our county and across our state, across our country and across the world, to pray for peace [and] healing.”

It’s so refreshing to see an elected official take both our sacred rights and our Almighty Creator so seriously! Let’s pray for him and all the brave leaders around the country who are putting the Constitution before politics.

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