California Expected to Pass Bill Placing Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number On Children’s School IDs


If California’s Democrat-controlled legislature has their way, children as young as 12 years old will have immediate access to Planned Parenthood via a hotline number printed on their school IDs.

California’s Assembly Bill 624, if signed into law, would require every student identification card in the state to include the number for “a sexual or reproductive health hotline,” referring not-so-subtly to Planned Parenthood.

To catch a glimpse of the advice children would be subjected to under this disgusting law, just take a look at Planned Parenthood’s “Chat” webpage where their employees answer questions such as “how does the abortion pill work?”, what do you do if you “forgot to use a condom?”, and how do I “book an appointment?”

Would we allow alcohol or tobacco companies to advertise in schools? Certainly not, so why on earth should the children of California be subjected to what amounts to free advertising for the abortion industry?

“AB 624 is a severe attack on free speech, which the Democrat legislators voting for this bad bill hypocritically claim to support,” said Randy Thomasson, president of Save California. “But to require an abortionist’s phone number on student ID cards obliterates the free speech of schools and forces unwanted messages on student ID cards.”

Thanks to the diligent efforts of SaveCalifornia, the California Family Council, and several other organizations defending religious and parental liberty, the bill has been amended to allow exemptions for private high schools and faith-based colleges. Still, the children in all other middle schools, high schools, and colleges will be subject to the rule if this bill makes it to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk.

Many families simply cannot afford to send their children to private school, especially in a state with living expenses as insanely high as California’s. These children should not be subject to bombardment with pro-abortion messages, however softly implied, in the place where they are meant to receive an education. Plain and simple.

The California Family Council also uncovered a rather sordid conflict of interest between the bill’s author and Planned Parenthood—but that should be surprising to no one. Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel’s campaign website proudly boasts an endorsement from Sarah Mitchell, Public Affairs and Communications Manager at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA):

“Planned Parenthood is proud to endorse Jesse Gabriel for State Assembly. Jesse has a long record of standing up for those most in need, and we know that he will be a strong partner in protecting women’s health and ensuring access to vital services – including life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, and STD testing and treatment.”

PPLA put their money where their mouth is—literally—with a $4400 donation to Gabriel’s campaign just last June, so is it any wonder that he’d push for a bill that puts their contact information right into the pockets of California’s children?

Gabriel isn’t alone in accepting Planned Parenthood’s blood money. Over the past two years, Planned Parenthood affiliates have given Senator Connie Leyva $11,500, Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins $18,800, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon $25,700.

The corruption in the California legislature is untenable. The families and institutions of the state must stand up to this assault on our children!

Track the bill here and pray that God would have mercy on the children of California.

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