California Family Sues Private School For Forcing Transgender Daughter To Wear Boys’ Uniform


A California family is suing their child’s private school for requiring their son (who identifies as a transgender girl) to wear a boys’ uniform, according to Independent Journal Review.

The lawsuit claims the private school ignored requests for the boy to use the girls’ bathroom, wear a uniform for female students, and to be addressed by the appropriate name and pronouns.

The school did allow ‘Nikki’ to use a staff bathroom so as to compromise on the restroom issue, however, the family claims it did not go far enough.

Nikki’s dad told the newspaper, “We couldn’t stand to watch Nikki’s hopes and dreams be crushed because a group of adults didn’t accept her for who she is.”

One attorney said that while it’s a private school, because it’s for-profit and not affiliated with any religious organization, it’s subject to non-discriminatory laws.

“That means it’s a business institution and is treated like any other business institution in California. And California does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender identity by any business institution.”

The boy’s parents reportedly removed him from the classroom after he tore a photo of himself in half and said, “I hate myself.”

A spokesman for the school, Nobel Learning’s Heritage Oak, said that faculty was taking steps to seek counsel on the issue and wanted to make both the parents and child happy while also preparing other students to face the issue, but they were unable to take the appropriate steps before ‘Nikki’ was removed from class.

It’s easy to say in this scenario that the school is being held to these “nondiscriminatory” standards because it’s a for-profit business and not religiously affiliated, but the fact is religious institutions fall under many of the same scrutinies as well.

We can only hope that our judicial officials set precedents in these cases that will maintain our religious freedoms in this country and protect religious institutions from persecution for refusing to cave to the transgender issue.

Source: Independent Journal Review