California Law Requires Meals on Wheels to Grill Elderly Recipients on Sexuality, Gender Identity


It’s pretty amazing to see just how crazy California’s laws can get.

Amazing, and mind-boggling.

Under the guise of protecting and aiding the LGBT community, they have passed several bizarre, borderline-fascistic laws that put Californians in incredibly awkward, and quite often blatantly unconstitutional, positions.

A recent example is a law that requires meal delivery services to survey their recipients on sexuality and gender identity, for the sake of gathering data.

This has, inevitably, put several elderly Meals on Wheels recipients on the receiving end of some very personal and uncomfortable questions, when they would otherwise expect nothing more than a hot meal and a helping hand.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Meals on Wheels programs around the world help feed elderly people and others physically incapable of obtaining or preparing their own meals, but California recipients have started receiving something less welcome with their service: grilling about their sexual attraction and “gender identity.”

On Tuesday, the Sacramento Bee highlighted the experience of Carol Alexander, an 83-year-old recipient who was taken aback by a recent phone call from Sacramento County’s Meals on Wheels program, asking questions including “What is your sex,” “Do you still associate with your gender,” and “Are you heterosexual?”

“I was in shock. I took offense to that,” said Alexander. “I’m ticked off. Why do they ask an 83-year-old this?”

The questions were mandated by the state’s LGBT Disparities Reduction Act, signed by Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, which took effect in July. The law requires meal-delivery services to present sexual and gender minorities (SGM) survey questions to recipients, in order to conduct demographic data pertaining to potential disparities in poverty, health, and “hate crimes” among “LGBT” Californians.

“It is in the best interests of the state to respect, embrace, and understand the full diversity of its residents and to collect accurate data to effectively implement and deliver critical state services and programs,” the bill claims.

While the LGBT community hails these questions as a “victory” for the LGBT community, Meals on Wheels recipients are less than thrilled.

Alexander says she is now considering pulling out of the program completely due to the “stupid” questions.

“It just blows my mind that they have to do this,” she told the Bee. 

The LGBT community might be more successful in fighting for their rights if they didn’t always choose methods that force people to incorporate their radical agenda into every aspect of everyday life.

They’re not interested in liberty though, they’re interested in using the law to normalize a lifestyle that millions of Americans do not recognize as normal.

They’re Americans, they deserve their liberty and their lives to be defended, yes. But the moment they cross over into someone else’s privacy and natural rights, that’s when it becomes about much more than simply liberty.

This is fascism.