California School Board Rules to Deny Parents the Right to Opt-Out of Transgender Lessons


And they say Christian homeschoolers are anti-science?!

Now, in the California charter school district of Rocklin, parents will not be notified or allowed to opt-out of lessons about transgenderism.

Let that sink in: schools in this district are now teaching little boys and little girls the outright lie that gender is interchangeable. No doubt this school would scoff at the idea of teaching Biblical creation because “science”, and yet they insist on teaching something so blatantly contrary to basic biology that even a small child could tell you is wrong.

Of course, if a small child in this district uses the pronoun aligned with another child’s biological gender when everyone is pretending the other child is really a girl, they are punished. (This actually happened in this school district, by the way.)

It all started at the end of last school year when a kindergarten teacher took it upon herself to hold a “transition ceremony” for a five-year-old whose parents had apparently led to believe he was a she.

The parents of the other students were not informed that this lesson would take place, and some children were so traumatized to see the little boy emerge from the bathroom dressed like a girl, that they went home crying worried they’d turn into the opposite sex as well.

Because they are five.

Now the Rocklin Academy School board has ruled to not allow parents to opt-out of these lessons following a heated school board hearing attended by parents and agenda-driven LGBTQ activists who didn’t even have children in the school district.

The board had gathered to decide on a “model parental rights” proposal that the parents’ rights group Capitol Resource Institute had put forth. The proposal was also backed by the California Family Council, Pacific Justice Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Rocklin Academy School board is claiming that because gender supposedly has nothing to do with sex, it would technically be “illegal” and “discriminatory if [it] notified parents ahead of time or had an opt out for issues of gender identity,” Greg Burt of the California Family Council told LifeSiteNews.

“To teach my kid that biologically this boy was born a boy and to teach him that now he’s a girl is very confusing and I feel that it’s a lie,” another parent told local Fox40 News.

The is because it is a lie to teach children that gender is separate from sex and that anyone can simply change their gender at will. It is also, however, abusive, according to pediatric experts.

But defenders of parents’ rights are not giving up despite the school board ruling.

“A lot of parents were holding out to see what the school board would do, hoping that they would respond positively,” Burt says. “Now that they haven’t … I think you’re going to have a much bigger reaction. But we’ll see.”

“We’re not giving up,” he continued. “We knew it would be a long haul, and that initially, they would reject our suggestions, but this is not the end of it.”

Hopefully, this will wake parents up everywhere to the dangers of the public school system.