California Town Spends $42,000 On Police To Protect Drag Queen Story Hour Events


Drag Queen Story Hours aren’t just perverted, psychologically abusive reading programs targeted at young children.

As PJ Media points out, they’re also obscenely expensive, and, when they’re held in public libraries, guess who pays for them? The taxpayer, whether they like it or not.

In Chula Vista, California, taxpayers are stuck paying tens of thousands of tax dollars to ensure that these events proceed undisturbed.

According to Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, the city paid out over $42,000 for police protection at these events due to their extreme unpopularity with local residents and the tendency of LGBT counter-protesters to escalate tension:

Posted by Arthur Schaper on Tuesday, November 5, 2019


“That money could have fixed roads or provided real reading, writing, and educational services for the Citizens of Chula Vista!” says Schaper in a Facebook post sharing the documents received through a Freedom of Information Act request. “Call the Chula Vista City Council and DEMAND that they pass an ordinance banning all adult entertainers in public buildings from hosting or promoting events for children!”

The expenses for police protection follow several protests and impassioned speeches from critics of drag queen story hour events in the city, PJ Media notes. “If speaking about our fears and concerns for our community causes a threat to our safety, something is going tragically wrong in Chula Vista,” said one resident at a city council meeting, referring to the need for a police presence to protect the protesting parents from LGBT activists outside the library.

While pro-LGBT counter-protesters will claim that “love trumps hate,” their behavior, caught on video by MassResistance, tells another story.

“I’m a lifelong Chula Vista resident. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a citizen of this city today, to see Steve Padilla leading the charge,” said another citizen at a city council meeting back in October. “I was over with the group MassResistance and I didn’t say one thing to [the LGBT opposition]. But they used the Lord’s name in vain to me, and they said sexually explicit things to me, and sexually explicit things about my parents.”

Lord have mercy on these wicked, wicked people!

As we’ve previously reported, Steve Padilla is an openly gay Chula Vista council member who maligned drag queen story hour critics as “white supremacists” and even stood shoulder-to-shoulder with LGBT counter-protesters against his own constituents.

Padilla claims that these events are purely educational and not sexual in any way, shape, or form. As Todd Starnes pointed out, however, Padilla ignores the fact that at several events, condoms and lube have been handed out to minors at these events, to say nothing of the inappropriate contact some “performers” have had with their young audience or the recurring failure of libraries to background-check drag queens who happen to be sex offenders.

If this is how Chula Vista city councilors plan to treat their constituents, it is well past time for them to be out of a job.

Californians, use your powers as a taxpaying citizen to recall Steve Padilla and every councilmember who lends their support to this atrocity. They can only carry on promoting immorality and perversion as long as we let them.

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