California University Investigates Feminist Grad Student For “Trans-Exclusionary” Rhetoric


One of the single greatest seemingly unintended consequences of the transgender movement is the immense readiness the left demonstrates in cannibalizing its own.

While the equality under the law between men and women isn’t a partisan issue, so-called “radical” feminists have long been a bulwark of leftism in western culture. With the advent of transgenderism and its rampage on every aspect of modern society, however, those who insist that biological men are not women are finding themselves victims of their former comrades.

As we’ve reported in the past, taking a stand against misogyny and the “erasure of women” by biological men parading around as women is enough to land even a lifelong liberal feminist in the left’s penalty box.

Now, Laura Tanner, a doctoral candidate in University of California-Santa Barbara’s Department of Feminist Studies, is learning that hard fact firsthand.

Tanner considers herself an “intersectional feminist,” and her doctoral dissertation is an “intersectional feminist analysis of child-initiated violence and the binds of mothering,” according to her department page. In her Twitter header image, Tanner boldly declares that “A woman is someone with a female body and any personality … not a ‘female personality’ and any body. Any other definition is sexism.”

After The Daily Nexus, UCSB’s school paper, reprinted several of her “transphobic” tweets, critics came out of the woodwork to demand her head on a platter.

The College Fix reports:

Critics on Twitter want her removed from teaching or worse, with some lobbing personal insults at Tanner such as “absolute trash” and “dumb bitch,” according to the Daily. One declared “that bitch needs to die,” and others have targeted her for being white.

At least one former Tanner student, Kyremina Youssef, has publicly discussed filing a complaint against her with the department and university ethics board, citing Tanner’s tweets. She and another student also held a campus demonstration against her last month.

Another student who complained about Tanner posted a response from Laury Oaks, the chair of Tanner’s department. Oaks called Tanner’s social media posts “distressing” and told the student he could also file ethics and Title IX complaints.

He also posted a response from Title IX Coordinator Ariana Alvarez, who said her office is “actively engaging in a response” and asked him to forward “any new material/posts” by Tanner.

In spite of all this leftist pearl-clutching and vicious threats, for which Tanner has Activist Mommy’s sincere empathy, the university is decidedly terse in its public comment on the situation.

The College Fix continues:

Deputy News Director Shelly Leachman did not answer Fix questions about whether invalidating transgender identity is a conduct-code violation at UCSB, either under any context or specifically in a teaching position.

“University policy prohibits discussing details related to personnel issues and we are prohibited from discussing student information,” Leachman wrote in an email. The Fix did not ask about either.

“The University has a process for reporting bias incidents on campus, and procedures for addressing these issues when they arise,” Leachman continued.

In a letter published in the Daily Nexus, titled “in Support of Trans, Non-Binary and Sex Working Students,” a handful of university students and staff vaguely called out Tanner and “trans-exclusionary” feminists.

“To the students who have been harmed by transphobia and anti-sex worker rhetoric in our department, we are so sorry,” they wrote, referring to a “graduate student’s transphobic and anti-sex work rhetoric and reported conduct as an instructor,” though not speaking of Tanner by name.

The letter also declares that the “gender binary…is rooted in the logics of colonialism, racism, and gendered domination”:

Feminist Studies is a field rooted in traditions of protest and political action. To the students who are troubled by all of this, we support your freedom of speech as it may manifest in awareness-raising, protest, etc and offer our collaboration in efforts to address transphobia and anti-sex worker sentiments on this campus.

This is complete and utter insanity, people. 

While we at Activist Mommy may not align with Tanner and radical feminists on many pressing issues, we wholeheartedly support her in the fight against transgender insanity in academia.

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