Cambodia Expels Christian Group That Rescues Children From Slavery Following CNN Special


Cambodia has expelled a Christian ministry that rescues children from slavery and human trafficking after a CNN special painted the culture in a poor light, according to Christian Post.

Cambodia’s authoritarian prime minister, Hun Sen, said the story that exposed how some girls were sold by their own mothers into sex slavery was “insulting.”

Agape International Missions (AIM) rescued three girls that had been sold into sex slavery by their mothers and were interviewed on CNN.

“This is a serious insult,” Hun Sen was quoted as saying. “In many countries, for only drawing cartoons their magazine must be shut down, but in our country, we are insulted [to the point of] saying that mothers sold children to become prostitutes. … We cannot accept this big insult, and we are going to close the NGO involved.”

Hun Sen added that “CNN of the United States deserves to be cursed by Donald Trump.”


AIM has successfully rescued over 700 people in the past 12 years and natives in the country reportedly “love” the group.

One 65-year-old resident praised the group, saying AIM has begun to “shut down” the gangs that proliferated the prostitution culture.

“They help sex trafficking victims to get another skill. They even help the poor children to get an education,” he said.

CNN’s special was a follow-up of a 2013 documentary about the three girls.

Here’s the clip:

Source: Christian Post