Campaign For Planned Parenthood Encourages Sending Adult Toys To Congress


You know leftists are getting desperate when an adult toy company leads the fight against Congress. Either that, or it’s just another outrageously out of touch attempt from the left to draw attention to an issue that’s near and dear to its collective heart.

In this case, it may be both. The adult toy company Unbound has decided to throw its support behind Planned Parenthood, and the company is making a complete spectacle of itself while doing so.

As Breitbart shares, the company is “urging citizens to send their members of Congress a vibrator to support Planned Parenthood.”

Yes, seriously. There’s even a handy dandy web page that helps make it happen. The campaign is called “Vibes For Congress.”

So whose brainchild was this? None other than Unbound founder Polly Rodriguez, who just so happens to be a former staffer for  Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

President Donald Trump’s election led to Rodriguez having a massive bee in her bonnet, and she was flabbergasted when she heard rumblings that Planned Parenthood would be defunded.

I remember feeling all of a sudden like we really need to raise awareness,” Rodriguez said.

As opposed to taking the rational approach of offering up a well-formed argument on why she feels that’s not a good idea, Rodriguez thought it would be best to make her statement in revolting fashion.

It appears that the thought process went something like this:

Political talking point that fits the liberal narrative? Check. Free publicity for my company? Check. Worry even a little about my reputation? Nah. Backslaps and high-fives from liberals? Check! Game, set, and match.

While pointing out what a super duper idea she came up with, Rodriguez has been sure to advance the “war on women” narrative that has been a huge hit in the liberal echo chamber.    

Breitbart points out that “Planned Parenthood and its president Cecile Richards have tweeted similar ‘war on women’ messages,” including this gem:

“The truth is, people like you & I are sick & tired of privileged white men telling us what to do with our bodies.”

Truth is, people like us are sick and tired of ridiculous leftist narratives that go against others beliefs being pushed incessantly.

Contact your Congressional representative today and ask them to defund Planned Parenthoood.

Source: Breitbart