“Let Them Die” Canada’s Biggest Newspaper Fills Front Page With Hateful Comments About Unvaccinated


The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, recently filled its front page with large comments from social media that advocate for letting those who remain willfully unvaccinated to die of the COVID-19 virus should they become infected with it.

The article, published on August 26, was written to highlight the growing vitriol towards those who continue to resist the novel vaccination.

“If an unvaccinated person catches it [COVID] from someone who is vaccinated, boohoo, too bad,” the jarring headline read, in print that filled nearly the entire front page.

“I have no empathy left for the wilfully unvaccinated. Let them die,” it continued.

“According to a recent Angus Reid poll most vaccinated Canadians are indifferent to the unvaccinated getting sick with the virus, with 83 per cent saying they have no sympathy for those who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine and then fall ill. Anecdotally, patience is even wearing thin among health-care professionals,” the article read.

According to Life Site, the stunning comments received swift backlash, prompting the newspaper to apologize and change their headline, but that the article nonetheless appeared to affirm the outrage felt towards the unvaccinated.

“People are exhausted at this point,” social psychologist Sarah Konrath was quoted as saying. “At the best times, empathy takes effort… It’s been a year and a half of very challenging stress, financial stress, homeschooling, worries about jobs, worries about health, social isolation.”

“People don’t have the psychological resources that we would have had otherwise to invest in people different from us,” she added.

Life Site notes that some are raising the alarm that this emerging minority population of unvaccinated Canadians, i.e. the “different from us” group described by Konrath, could soon result in discrimination which has been deemed illegal by the country’s human rights laws.

The website explains:

The phrase “different from us” seems to fit with a warning made by Constitutional rights lawyer Rocco Galati, who has said the vaccine measures are leading to a growing divide within Canadian society.

Demonizing the ‘unvaccinated’

This divide is creating a “class of Canadians” – the unvaccinated – that is being actively demonized and “discriminated” against. Such discrimination, according to Galati, is illegal under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Grouping Canadians into the “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” is “inviting violence between one class of Canadians [vaccinated] against another class of Canadians [unvaccinated],” added Galati in a press conference.

The article also did not give much attention to the reasons why some Canadians remain unvaccinated and while it included quotes from doctors who expressed a lack of sympathy towards unvaccinated patients who contract COVID-19, did not mention concerns other medical doctors have raised about the vaccine itself.

“It is tragic that the Toronto Star is so involved in spreading COVID propaganda, that they perform no real investigative journalism,” Dr. Mark Trozzi told Life Site.

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