Canadian BLM Activist and City Council Candidate Mocks Slain Police Officer


A Black Lives Matter activist and candidate for city council in Edmonton, Alberta reportedly mocked the death of a slain Canadian police officer.

According to the Post Millennial, Sgt. Andrew Harnett was brutally murdered during a traffic stop on New Year’s Eve. The officer, who is survived by his wife and yet-to-be-born child, was killed when the fleeing SUV ran him over and dragged him 400 meters (roughy a quarter of a mile) before he came loose from the vehicle and was flung into oncoming traffic.

Sgt. Harnett’s horrific, tragic death, however, was considered worthy of mockery by Abdulhakim Dalel, an activist in Edmonton and candidate for Edmonton City Council’s Ward 7 seat.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Dalel responded to a Twitter user who called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to release a statement regarding Sgt. Harnett’s death.

“Cuz he was a corrupted Police Officer,” Dalel tweeted, adding a handful of laughing emojis.

Dalel has been cited as a voice against racism by Canadian news outlets over the years, including in the Toronto Star and BlogTO.

Dalel’s wicked statement provoked a fair bit of backlash, to which he responded with even more hate.

The Post Millennial reports:

Dalel has received criticism on both his Twitter and Facebook pages, with one user identifying himself as Métis telling Dalel to “[do] us all a favour and go home and keep your mouth shut.” Dalel dismissed the criticism by calling the user “mixed with Caucasian.”

The candidate has a history of inflammatory statements, including describing Albertans as a whole as “ignorant and racist.”

Dalel has also been accused of contacting a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who asked him about his position on the military, calling him “white trash” and asking him how many innocent people he killed in Afghanistan.

In tweets that have not yet been deleted by the inflammatory council candidate, Dalel has referred to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper as “the father of the White supremacy” and described the Conservative Party of Canada as “the new KKK in Canada.”


For what it’s worth, PM Trudeau did ultimately release a statement regarding Sgt. Harnett’s lamentable death.

“Canadians across the country were shocked to hear of the tragic death of Sergeant Andrew Harnett of the Calgary Police. The Prime Minister joins Minister Blair, Commissioner Lucki, and all Canadians in sharing his deepest condolences and heartfelt thoughts with his family and friends, along with the entire policing community who has suffered an irreplaceable loss.”

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