Canadian Civil Liberties Group Sues After Inappropriate Sex-Ed Curriculum is Repealed


For some reason, adults who are in favor of homosexuality and push the gender confusion agenda, think the only way for children to avoid bullying and harassment at school is by introducing highly inappropriate sexual topics in elementary school.

Yet, as sex ed becomes more common, more graphic, and more progressive, the same people will tell us that bullying is getting rampant in schools.

Why is this? Doesn’t it stand to reason, by their own logic, that the earlier you introduce the concepts of homosexuality and sodomy to young children, the less bullying will occur in public schools?

Apparently not.

Still, progressive Canadian parents are incensed that Ontario’s government sensibly repealed a 2015 curriculum that would have made highly graphic sexual content a staple in the elementary grades.

They’re suing to have the curriculum put back in schools.

Life Site News explains:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is suing the Ontario government over its repeal of the controversial 2015 Liberal sex-ed curriculum for elementary students.

The CCLA filed an application Thursday along with Becky McFarlane, the mother of a 10-year-old, for an injunction to stop the repeal, the Toronto Star reported.

The civil liberties group claims the sex-ed repeal violates Ontario’s Education Act mandate for inclusive school environments, Charter guarantees of equality and security of the person, and Ontario’s Human Rights Code, according to CBC.

The move comes a day after Premier Doug Ford announced sweeping parental consultations in the fall on Ontario’s curriculum.

The Conservative leader also warned that teachers deviating from the government-approved interim curriculum could face consequences, and announced the launch of a so-called “snitch site” where parents can file complaints against teachers.

They also add that “Critics of the 2015 Liberal sex-ed curriculum say it robs children of their innocence by introducing sexual concepts at too early an age: homosexuality in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, oral and anal sex in Grade 7. The Liberal sex-ed teaches that there are six genders rather than two sexes.”

There is no reason parents and government officials can all agree that bullying in school is inappropriate, but it’s a very far stretch to say that children need the above curriculum to learn not to bully.

There isn’t a shred of evidence it even works to prevent bullying. “Inclusive” is just a euphemism for “promoting highly ideological views on sexuality.” How can these people truly claim to be “inclusive” while blatantly denying basic biology and the most sensible, functional practice of safe sex–reserving sexual contact for heterosexual marriage?