Canadian Conservative Calls Homosexuality “A Choice,” Now His Party May Block Him From Leadership


A potential candidate for a leadership seat in Canada’s Conservative Party is being shunned by his fellow Tories for declaring on national television that “being ‘gay’ is a choice.”

According to the National Post, there is “a very real chance” that the party will disqualify social conservative Richard Décarie, a Quebecer and former Stephen Harper staffer, from the race for the leader of the party.

In late January, Décarie, who has yet to officially register for the contest, said in an interview with CTV’s Evan Solomon that “being ‘gay’ is a choice.”

In spite of severe backlash from both the nation’s liberals and conservatives, Décarie doubled down on CBC, saying that “marriage should be exclusive between a man and a woman, like it was traditionally. The base of a family that is the base of a society.”


According to the Post, Calgary MP Michelle Rempel Garner and party strategist Kory Teneycke are among several of the party’s most senior members who denounced Décarie’s views.

But another leadership candidate emerged this week to suggest that Décarie’s comments were

According to CTV, however, MP Derek Sloan suggested that the comments were “blown into a bigger situation than it needed to be” because “people missed the nuance.”

Liberals missed out on the nuance of someone’s unpopular views? Imagine that!!

Last week, Sloan told Evan Solomon that, although his own proposed platform would avoid the issue of gay “marriage” and he disagrees with Décarie’s comments, the cause of one’s sexual orientation is “scientifically unclear.”

“Science right now is saying that, yes, there’s biological components, but there’s many other factors that play into it and they don’t even know how they all work together,” Sloan said.

Sloan also stated that he would have voted against the Liberal pro-transgender rights Bill C-16, arguing that so-called “conversion therapy” should not be so broadly defined as to include “body affirmation counseling.”

“I don’t think anybody should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do,” Sloan said. “But if somebody wants to receive gender-affirming, or body-affirming counselling when they’re going through a position of ‘What’s going on with me?’ they should be able to have that,” Sloan said. “We know a lot of kids that go through these feelings grow out of them by the time they’re adults.”

Décarie himself opposes Canada’s Senate Bill S-260 “and others like it,” which he told LifeSiteNews “are trying to ban all forms of pastoral and personal counselling and medical treatments that at risk youth may need, by associating loving counsel and support with previously discredited psychiatric quackery.”

“Left wing activists will argue that this implies social conservatives support everything labelled conversion therapy,” Décarie continued. “I do not, and we do not, but that is not what this debate is about.”

If Conservatives do end up punishing Décarie for his thought crimes, some argue, the party will suffer.

“If the party disqualifies a so-con over his traditional, pro-family beliefs, they will be causing tremendous damage to the party itself, in terms of deflating its core activists,” Campaign Life director of political operations Jack Fonsec told LifeSiteNews. “And that will surely come back to bite it in the next general election, resulting in another Trudeau victory.”

As for Décarie, spokesman Mike Patton says he “will continue to do the right thing and is confident that the Leadership Organising Committee will do the right thing when called upon.”

“There can be no doubt that there is an element within the elite of the Conservative Party that would prefer to see any person of faith disqualified not only from a run at the leadership but from the party completely,” Patton told LifeSite. “Richard is not only a conservative but a proud man of faith who does not believe that the two things are incomparable.”

If only more leaders across the world were so bold and steadfast!

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