Canadian Family Files A Human Rights Complaint After “Gender Theory” Taught In School Confused And Upset Their 6-Year-Old Girl


If ever there was a crystal-clear example of the distress and confusion caused by indoctrinating young children with LGBT propaganda like “gender theory,” it’s the case of the Buffone Family.

As The Post Millennial reports, Jason and Pamela Buffone’s daughter, referred to as “N” for her privacy, began first grade with a love of learning and going to school and blissful obliviousness to her “gender identity.”

That is, however, until January of 2018, when N’s teacher at the Devonshire Community Public School had N watch, alongside the other six-year-olds in her class, a YouTube video titled “He, She and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2.”

The video, the Post Millennial reports, taught children that “some people aren’t boys or girls,”  and that there are even “genderless” people who don’t “feel like a ‘she’ or a ‘he.’”

The young teacher, referred to by her initials, JB, continued to teach gender theory throughout the semester. 

Completely setting aside the very valid argument that “gender theory” is anti-science nonsense, there is simply no way it could ever be taught to children without confusing, upsetting, and even scaring them.

Sadly, N’s parents discovered this the hard way. Pamela Buffone first became aware of the problem when N began reporting to her that she’d learned things like “there is no such thing as girls and boys,” and “girls are not real and boys are not real” in school that day.

The Post Millennial explains:

By mid-March, N’s parents could see the lessons were having an impact on their daughter, as she began spontaneously and repeatedly asking them why her identity as a girl was “not real.” She asked if she could “go to a doctor” about the fact that she was a girl. She said she was “not sure if she wanted to be a mommy.” (Ms Buffone explained to N that grown-up women had a choice, but was concerned that the subject was coming up in Grade One gender lessons.)

This precious child was perfectly fine living her life before this teacher brought this incredibly inappropriate propaganda into the classroom!

When the Buffones approached JB about the questionable lessons, they found that she “was very committed to the teaching of gender fluidity as a reflection of ‘a change within society.’” JB also told Ms. Buffone that gender fluidity was the School Board policy, that some children are “struggling with the idea that gender is binary,” and confirmed that the topic of sex change had come up for discussion (although the same creator of the video does offer a video on “transitioning” for kids.) 

Still, JB was markedly unconcerned about the adverse effects of the curriculum on N, nor did she express any desire to affirm people like N who are (or, sadly, were) comfortable with their biological gender.

Determined to fight for their child, the Buffones contacted the school principal, Julie Derbyshire.

The Post Millennial continues:

In a telephone call, Ms Buffone says, Ms Derbyshire explained that JB had initiated the lessons to accommodate a child in the class who had expressed interest in self-expression as the opposite sex. (There was in fact a child exhibiting symptoms of gender dysphoria in Grade One of that school, who was being teased on that account. But, according to Ms Buffone, as she later learned, the parents of the child did not want the issue to be addressed by lessons on gender; they merely wanted the other children to be taught to act respectfully and not to bully their child.) Ms Derbyshire did not offer to consult with the school’s “gender specialist” about affirmation of non-questioning students like N.

Even a meeting with the district superintendent yielded virtually no results in reining in JB’s psychologically-destructive lessons. Feeling utterly ignored by everyone in the school’s chain of command, the Buffones ultimately enrolled N at another school where the Post Millennial says “she is doing well and where, she has told her family, she is happy she will not have a teacher who says that ‘girls are not real.’” 

This hideous treatment of children who do not struggle with gender dysphoria must end. If a transgender student was being bullied, that absolutely should have been addressed, instead of launching a whole class of little ones into the Twilight Zone and telling them that their very identities as boys and girls aren’t real.

Instead, every student subjected to this insanity will be fraught with anxiety, just as N was, and burdened with the task of determining whether they are “real” boys or girls. Unless, of course, God is merciful and the Buffones are successful in their human rights complaint against the school. Please pray for them!

“This is an important case,” said Ms. Buffone. “Our government seems to have given teachers carte blanche in terms of how they teach this concept [of gender identity]. If this is an example of how it can be taught, I think it’s in the public interest for the [Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario] to weigh in on it. Teachers are providing a public service and have a duty of care to all of their students, just as the HRTO has a responsibility to all of Ontarians. I think this case is a good example of why we need to set ideology aside when dealing with human rights.” 

Even if gender theory had an ounce of sense to any of its arguments (which, we reiterate, it certainly does not), it is entirely too complex an issue to be presented to children without terrible consequences. Thank the Lord that this little girl is now in a school that will not shove the LGBT agenda down her throat, but the fight isn’t over yet.


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