Canadian Father Convicted of “Family Violence” For Calling His Trans Daughter A Girl


These are truly evil times we’re living in.  Not only is society growing more and more perverse and wicked every day but now our rights as parents to guide and protect our children are being threatened.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, a father has been found guilty of “family violence” against his 14-year-old daughter for “publicly and privately” failing to use her preferred male pronouns and referring to her as a girl.

Not only has “CD,” the pseudonym for the father used in court records, been found guilty of a crime he has not committed, but British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzai has also instituted a restraining order which prohibits him from saying anything publicly about his efforts to stop his daughter from getting testosterone shots.

The Federalist reports:

“Marzari further forbade the father from referring to his daughter as a girl either directly to her or to third parties, from using ‘her birth name,’ and from ‘attempting to persuade’ his daughter ‘to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria.’”

While CD surely believed his rights as a parent would sustain him in this trial, in this morally depraved society his “rights do not include harming his child.”

So now referring to a child using the pronoun that corresponds with their biological gender is “harm”?

Regardless of his loving intentions to protect his child from taking a path she will likely regret someday, Canadian law now sees CD as a violent, abusive criminal.

This is beyond insane.

CD and the girl’s mother are separated and share custody of the teen.  CD has been fighting for his daughter to abandon her plans to proceed with gender “treatment” for some time.  You can read more about his fight here.

This is an alarming case and one that should frighten parents everywhere. Our rights as parents, here in the US and elsewhere, are eroding at a rapid rate.

As CD unfortunately discovered, it won’t be enough to count on the rights you would think would be inherent to any parent.  The transgender agenda has become too powerful and—make no mistake—they are after our children.

Please pray with us for CD and for his daughter, that they can have peace and healing and that righteousness would prevail.

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