Candian PM Trudeau Soft on Rampant Church Burnings While Liberals Praise Arsonists


Canada’s Prime Minister and other top officials have offered little in the way of consequences for the perpetrators of a string of devastating church burnings that some have likened to pre-Holocaust arson attacks.

Several churches in Canada have suffered vengeful attacks in response to a wave of discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential schools for indigenous children.

Over the course of more than a century, 150,000 indigenous Canadian children were forced to attend these schools, mostly operated by Catholic churches in a system dubbed “cultural genocide” by a government commission back in 2015.

This year, over 1,100 unmarked graves of children have been discovered at the sites of the long-defunct schools in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

Accordng to Global News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau limply condemned the wave of arson, telling Canadians that “destroying places of worship” is “not the way to go.”

Trudeau condemned the attacks in slightly stronger terms more recently, calling them “unacceptable and wrong,” while insisting that he “understand[s] the anger.”

“But I can’t help but think that burning down churches is actually depriving people who are in need of grieving and healing and mourning from places where they can grieve and reflect and look for support,” Trudeau said.

Gerald Butts, former Canadian principal secretary to Trudeau, called the attacks “understandable” in a recent tweet.

Other former Canadian officials and activists have gone so far as to laud the arsonists.

“Burn it all down,” tweeted Harsha Walia, executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, according to CBN News.

The nation’s more conservative voices, however, are deeply concerned that there could be more to the arson than mere revenge.

“I’m reluctant to use the word ‘Kristallnacht,’ because we’re not there yet,” said Ezra Levant of Rebel News in a Wednesday interview with Tucker Carlson. “That was the ‘Night of the Broken Glass’ in pre-Holocaust Germany, where they smashed and burned and killed Jewish synagogues. It was a precursor to the Holocaust.”

“Obviously,” Levant said, “we are not that far gone yet. But what do you call it when literally dozens of churches are being systemically vandalized, torched?”



“Justin Trudeau, who is normally the first and the wokest, waited a week before saying anything,” Levant concluded. “And he literally said, ‘That’s not the way to go.’ That was as tough as he got… I think these are dark days for religious freedom in Canada.”

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