Canadian Universities Now Allow Men Who Identify as Women to Compete Against Biological Females


One of the best examples of the way women have been completely left behind in the movement to normalize transgenderism is the world of sports.

Despite the fact that modern feminists fought for decades to provide an equal playing field–literally–for female athletes, the space that has been created for women in sports has quickly been taken away by men.

How is this empowerment?

The reason this affects women more negatively than men, of course, is the undeniable fact that biological women are simply not as strong or fast as men. Yes, there are plenty of strong, fast women who could beat average men at sports, but when it comes to elite athletes, men surpass women in virtually every sport (except, weirdly, long-distance swimming).

So allowing men into women’s sports puts women at a distinct advantage. No longer are they competing on an equal playing field; they simply don’t stand a chance against a biological male.

Especially when that biological male is a female literally in name only.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A sporting organization governing university sports on the majority of Canadian university campuses has approved a new policy allowing biological males who identify as “female” to compete against real females.

“Effective immediately, U SPORTS student-athletes will be eligible to compete on the team that corresponds with either their sex assigned at birth or their gender identity,” states U Sports’ September 26 “inclusive” transgender policy.

The policy makes it clear that men only need to identify as a “female,” without surgery or hormones, to compete on a women’s team.

“U SPORTS’ approved policy does not require student-athletes to undertake hormone therapy in order for them to compete in the gender category that is consistent with their gender identity,” the policy states.

There is absolutely no sense to this.

Even if we accept that people can choose a gender identity that is different from biological reality, what about women’s rights? What about giving women equal opportunity to compete?

There are going to be women who have worked and trained hard to beat other women who will no longer be given the chance to display their athleticism.

If you want proof of a war against women, this is it.