Canadian Village Divided After “Straight Pride Flag” Raised, Removed After 24 Hours


Don’t ever let the left convince you that their ideology is all about equality and liberty.

It’s not.

It’s about intersectionality, which is a modern-day caste system dividing people into various hierarchical victim groups, and those they perceive to be “privileged” are at the bottom.

Hence, it is absolute anathema to express pride for being straight.

Despite the fact that it’s the most successful, tried-and-true sexuality out there and the vast majority of people on earth identify as straight.

We’re not allowed to celebrate that, though. We’re only allowed to celebrate being victims.

Canada’s CBC reports:

Residents in a central New Brunswick village are seeking an apology from officials who allowed a “straight pride” flag to be raised in the centre of town.

The appearance of the flag, which was taken down after almost a full day, was met with outrage from some residents, but the man who helped raise it says it wasn’t meant to hurt the LBGT community of Chipman, a village of some 1,100 people, about 60 kilometres east of Fredericton.

Chipman resident Glenn Bishop and 11 others met over the past few months to find ways to show support for straight people.

“We are not against the gay pride people at all,” Bishop said. “I’m not against gay people; anybody’s sexual preference is their choice.”

What’s noteworthy about this story is that those who wanted to raise the flag, as well as the town officials who allowed them to do so, stressed this was about inclusiveness and equality, not about singling anyone out.

Bishop told CBC News he went to the mayor about two months ago and asked to fly the flag.

“He said, ‘Sure we represent all groups of people,’ and I agree with that,” said Bishop.

The flag — which depicts interlinked male and female symbols on a background of black and white horizontal lines — has been raised by some conservative groups in the U.S. in response to gay pride events.

Here’s the thing: in reality, there’s really no need to be proud about having the sexual desires that make biological sense for your body. But if we live in a world where it’s OK to brag about how proud you are to be attracted to members of the opposite sex, the plain and simple truth is it’s flat-out hypocritical to get offended when people who aren’t homosexual want to celebrate their sexuality too.

But intersectionality doesn’t work like that, does it? At the end of the day, it’s fascistic cultural Marxism, and they expose their true motives each and every time they throw a fit over something like a straight pride flag in a small Canadian village.