Cancelled Texas Drag Queen Event at Local Library Revived By Local UCC Church


A Leander, Texas Drag Queen Story Hour that was scheduled at their public library was recently canceled after backlash from concerned parents who objected to their tax dollars being used to host gender confusion and progressive indoctrination in what should be a safe, appropriate environment for children.

Sadly, however, the event is now back on. What’s even more disheartening is that it is a local church is responsible for its renewal.

According to a statement posted on the city’s website, the event was canceled because the city just so happens to be reviewing what the library currently offers.

“Periodically, either on its own or because of stakeholder questions, the City undertakes a review of its Library’s programs and staff procedures, including evaluation of upcoming children’s events, the summer reading program and activities, as well as events that come from outside sources,” the statement reads.

“The City is undertaking a review presently that will include a survey soliciting input from Leander citizens on their interests in future library activities,” it continues. “This survey to solicit citizen and library stakeholder input will be shared on this page in the next 24 hours.”

It is interesting to note that this cancellation and statement came shortly after several conservative websites started circulating a flyer about the drag queen storytime event that resulted in the library receiving complaints and hearing rumors of protests.  This is not mentioned by the library in their statement, however.

The event is now being hosted by Open Cathedral Church, a self-described “progressive” member of the so-called United Church of Christ denomination—shame on them!  As it turns out, members of the public can simply rent a conference room at the library and use it for whatever they so choose. This doesn’t change the fact that the library itself is still supported by tax dollars.   

In a follow-up statement the library said:

Prior to the cancellation announcement yesterday, Leander Public Library was hosting the event in the main room of the library facility. Sometime today, Open Cathedral church finalized an agreement to rent one of the library’s conference rooms on June 15, which is available for anyone in the public to rent. We understand that it was to provide a forum for the Drag Queen Story Time, but that is a question best answered by them.

In short….. While the event will still be held at the Leander Public Library facility on the same day as previously scheduled, activities will be hosted and managed by Open Cathedral church, not Leander Public Library or the City of Leander.

What a sad day we live in. More and more churches are being apathetic to all manner of sin and now we have churches being outright complicit. Had it not been for Open Cathedral Church, this event may have been shut down for good.

One mom explained to local KXAN that she was disappointed when she heard the event was canceled. She was looking forward to bringing her son to this inappropriate event, apparently.

“I want everybody to feel like they’re welcome here,” she told the news outlet (we imagine she wouldn’t say the same if any Christians showed up to oppose the event!)

This local church clearly wanted to send the same “welcoming” message.  As Christians, we are called on to love our neighbors, certainly, but that does not mean we are to support them in their sin. In fact, supporting sin and leading young children astray is the very opposite of loving. If we follow Christ, we need to boldly stand in opposition to sin. Open Cathedral Church is not behaving like an institution that follows Jesus Christ.

There is no point to these drag queen story times other than the blatant indoctrination and desensitizing of children. Not only should taxpayer dollars not be used to support it in any way, churches should definitely not be involved in facilitating it.

Sadly, this is not the first time a church has helped host a drag queen story time and it likely won’t be the last. If you are against the promotion of this sexual deviance being paraded around for our children, speak up! If you are attending a church that supports this kind of immorality that’s your sign to find a new church.


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