Cardinal Puts on LGBT Prayer Service Featuring Infamous Drag Queen


Moral and biblical compromise among professed Christians has become a common sight this day and age, with more and more churches capitulating to the demands of the homosexual agenda being pushed by extremists on the left.

While it’s certainly jarring to see pastors officiating gay weddings or churches with practicing homosexuals in positions of leadership, what a Viennese cardinal just did with a “prayer service,” is taking things to a whole new level.

According to LifeSiteNews:

Austria, December 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn co-hosted a homosexual-themed prayer service in his cathedral earlier this month for World Aids Day. The event in St. Stephen’s Cathedral included speeches given by a world-famous ‘drag queen’ and a homosexual activist from the pulpit within the sanctuary.

Homosexual-themed banners were hung on the walls and spread on the floor in the cathedral for the event. Eerie purple lighting illuminated the Cathedral’s columns.

The event was co-hosted by Gerry Keszler, a homosexual activist and organizer of Vienna’s “Life Ball,” one of the most significant pro-homosexual charity events in Europe. Cardinal Schönborn received Keszler at the Cathedral’s entrance for the non-denominational service.

In his opening comments, Schönborn acknowledged Keszler along with “all those who are responsible for the Life Ball,” an AIDS fundraiser.

The Cardinal went on to say in the sermon he gave during the event that God came to save, not to judge, not to exclude people and other such perversions of the gospel.

Jesus did come to die and save sinners, but He most certainly did not come to earth in order to approve of the homosexual lifestyle and to give us permission to continue living a life of sin.

The transvestite, Thomas Neuwirth, who goes by the name “Conchita Wurst” spoke at the event, mentioning how those who “live their identity in a way that is different from the majority” are persecuted.

What’s truly strange is that a Catholic cardinal would invite someone who goes by a stage name that is meant to be an attack on Mary. The name “Conchita” is a Spanish derivative of the word “conception,” while “wurst” is often used by Germans to indicate that something is of no importance or consequence to you.

It’s truly tragic to see how more and more alleged people of faith are accepting the lies of the LGBT agenda, giving into the fear and bullying that comes from the left, clearly caring more about the acceptance of man than obeying God.

This isn’t strictly a Catholic issue either, as more and more mainline evangelical churches are opting for biblical compromise in order to avoid the persecution that comes with standing boldly on God’s Word.

Pray for our churches in America to grow stronger in their biblical convictions and to be willing to sacrifice the praise of man for the glory of God.