Case of U.K. Doctor Banned From Helping Women Stop Medicated Abortion to Be Heard By High Court

Screenshot: YouTube

A doctor in the United Kingdom who was banned from trying to help women reverse medicated abortion will soon have his case heard before the country’s High Court.

In 2021, Dr. Dermot Kearney was blocked by the General Medical Council (GMC) from offering women what is commonly known as abortion pill reversal, CBN News reports.

The protocol works to counteract the effects of the two-step medicated abortion process by administering progesterone, the pregnancy hormone.

The method is touted by pro-life healthcare workers to potentially save the life of a baby whose mother has changed her mind halfway through a medicated abortion; critics claim it’s ineffective and possibly dangerous.

CBN News notes that there is no evidence the protocol is dangerous.

Kearney is a seasoned medical consultant and former president of the Catholic Medical Association and has the support of the Christian Legal Centre, which often takes on cases involving medical professionals who have been discriminated against on the basis of their faith.

Yet he was banned from providing the abortion reversal protocol despite the fact that 32 women gave healthy live births after undergoing it with his assistance.

“We have seen many women immediately regret taking the first abortion pill. Dr. Kearney offers the possibility of saving the pregnancy when this happens. He should have the freedom to do it,” said Andrea Williams, the chief executive of the organization.

“Abortion providers are putting women on a conveyer belt which means once they start the abortion process, they have to go through with it and are pressured to do so or left with no alternatives,” she added. “Women should be properly informed, as a matter of course, that the baby’s death is not inevitable after the first pill is taken.”

The Christian Legal Centre believes that the GMC’s ban was the first time in history a doctor has been restricted from issuing life-saving treatment.

His case will be heard on February 24 by the Royal Courts of Justice.

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