CBP Seeks Private Help In Stopping Climbing, Breaching Of New Border Walls


While 182 miles of the 500 miles of border wall that President Donald Trump has vowed to erect are indeed already standing, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is seeking private sector assistance in stopping apparently rather easily achieved breaches.

The agency has issued a posting asking for private industry help to stop border-crossers from being able to saw through or climb over the 30-foot-tall steel bollard wall, The Blaze reports.

From the CBP posting:

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recognizes that industry, other agencies, and other private entities may have interesting, innovative, and useful ideas that could be implemented to enhance and or improve mission essential operational deterrent capabilities related to the anti-climb/anti-cut features of the border wall and persistent impedance. Through the prototyping process in 2017-2018, it was identified that bollard style construction (steel slats) provided the best value and operationally effective border barrier solution to CBP.

CBP is constantly seeking to improve the effectiveness of the border wall and now is seeking further product improvements to the anti-climb/anti-cut features of the border wall barrier.

As the Washington Post reported, the CPB made clear that their request for help “does not amount to an admission that the current design is inadequate or flawed.”

“We have an adaptive adversary; regardless of materials, nothing is impenetrable if given unlimited time and tools,” the agency said, according to the Post. “Walls provide the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) the ability to slow and stop potential crossings. That means building wall will deter some people from attempting to cross, while slowing the efforts of those who still try.”

In January 2019, NBC News reported that a Department of Homeland Security test revealed that Border Patrol personnel were able to bipass and destroy the bollards using common tools.

According to records the Post obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, there were at least 18 breaches in one month last fall in the San Diego area alone.

In their request, the CBP seeks “tools to determine the best type of anti-climb and anti-breach attributes for the border wall for each sector of the Southwest Border.”

“CBP is specifically looking for innovative wall designs that have the capacity to leap frog current technology to dramatically improve efficacy,” the posting said.

This is a pretty important story to pay attention to! What is going to happen to our border security if these barriers are so easy to cross?

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