CBS’ Gayle King Surprises By Telling Planned Parenthood President “Some Would Call It Murder”


You would probably expect mainstream television programming these days to have favorable, and glowing coverage of the for-profit abortion mill Planned Parenthood, and you’d be right.

As Newsbusters explains, CBS This Morning has a history of featuring the presidents of Planned Parenthood glowingly and offering them only the gentlest of softball questions, so it was relatively shocking when Gayle King bluntly stated to the latest head of the organization, Alexis McGill Johnson, that some call abortion “murder.”

While King did furnish several fluffy questions about the current case being considered by the Supreme Court relating to abortion provision, King seemed to catch Johnson off guard afer the latter referred to abortion as “one of the safest medical procedures there is.”

“You would call it safe. Some people would call it murder,” King replied.

The unprepared Johnson sputtered back, “That’s what we’re talking about. There are — and this was brought up yesterday. There are moral arguments with respect to accessing abortion. But it is the law of the land.”

You mean like slavery was one day? That’s hardly an answer to this damning, and accurate, charge.

King’s brutal honesty didn’t last long, however, as she gently eased back onto more comfortable ground, asking: “Can you connect the dots to the bigger picture of what’s at stake here when you look at this law and when you look at Roe V. Wade?”

Co-host Anthony Mason also helpfully offered Johnson the chance to scare monger with the question, “What actually happens in Louisiana if the court upholds this law?”

Newsbusters points to previous incidents where the program has encouraged Planned Parenthood’s narrative:

On May 29, 2019, co-host Tony Dokoupil acted as a press release to then-Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen: “I do want to point out, donations are going up. True?” She was eventually fired for being insufficiently pro-abortion. On July 17, 2019, King fretted over the departure: “I was certainly sorry to hear that….I know she was so committed and so passionate about this job. I was very disappointed to hear this.”

On October 2, 2019, King celebrated the opening of a “ginormous” Planned Parenthood, wondering, “Are they getting a lot of business..”

A transcript of the questions is below. Click “expand” to read more.

We can only imagine what inspired King’s momentary lapse in pro-abort propaganda.

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