First Gender Confused Man Ordained By Methodist Church


A few weeks ago, we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. It is amazing to see how far we have come since this dramatic turning point in Christian history.

The Reformation is so distinct and important because it put the Word of God back into the hands of the people so that they could decide for themselves whether or not the clergy was adhering to its divine standards, rather than the other way around.

Now, 500 years later, we are reminded each and every day how very important it is to use the Holy Scripture as the barometer for godliness over any organized church body.

Case and point: the “history” made by the Methodist Church in England this week. Liberal media outlets are celebrating the recent ordination of a University of Kent Chaplain, Joy Everingham. Why?

You guessed it:

“A university chaplain has become the Methodist Church’s first transgender minister after hiding her true identity for more than four decades,” reports The Telegraph, in a glorious display of how ridiculously delusional Western media outlets have become.

That’s right–the Methodist Church has just ordained a man who, after secretly dressing up as a woman behind the back of his wife and children, decided to simply live as a woman and to continue to pursue a career in ministry rather than actually cope with his serious spiritual and mental issues.

“It is the first time a transgender person has been appointed as a minister in the church with the church’s knowledge,” The Telegraph glowingly continues, explaining that the “mother-of-two” (ohmygosh are you serious) knew he was different at the age of five.

“I wasn’t like the boys, I was always more like the girls,” he says. “My dad used to joke ‘I’ve got three kids, one of each’, so I was obviously different – I couldn’t hide it.”

His father clearly, although perhaps unwittingly, totally confusing his young son, Everingham spent a confusing youth trying to be boyish and dressing up in his mother’s jewelry and makeup. He married at the age of 22, after what he describes as a life-changing conversion to Christianity.

However, he continued to dress up as a woman in secret, without seeking spiritual counsil or being open with his wife about his struggles for years.

Over time, he did “come out” and eventually was diagnosed at a gender clinic with gender dysphoria.

At this point, he had been studying to be a Methodist minister and once he told the church he wanted to live as a woman, he received their full support. The rest is history, literally.

What kind of church is this, where someone who struggles with such a crippling mental illness would be allowed to continue to serve in the church? The Body of Christ can absolutely function to love on, support, provide prayer and council for someone struggling with gender dysphoria, but to fully support their “transition” and, worse, allow them to serve in the clergy is an entirely different story.

Alcoholics want to drink, do we allow them to be ordained as pastors give them flasks to keep in their robes? No.

The Methodist Church was founded by some of the most noteworthy theologians of modern history, but what has become of its great legacy?

Many Protestant churches of the West are forsaking the sola Scriptura philosophy of the Great Reformation and turning towards the ways of the world. But it doesn’t matter how many well-established, organized churches turn from the Word and conform to the flesh, we must continue to carry on the torch of the authority of Scripture over all else.