Celebrities, Establishment Republicans Rejoice in Roy Moore Loss


It’s a well established fact that Hollywood is a cesspool of liberal thought and practice, so it’s not exactly shocking to hear of a bunch of celebrities losing their minds in ecstasy over the loss of a Republican senate candidate.

However, the sheer bliss the entertainment industry is enjoying in light of Roy Moore’s loss to Doug Jones in the Alabama senate election is plain awful, especially given the fact the man was the victim of a witch hunt that was likely perpetrated by people in both political parties.

Among the high profile crowd who decided to gloat over the Democratic Party’s victory was actors Chris Evans, Barbara Streisand, Mark Ruffalo, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, and of course, Alec Baldwin.

Breitbart is reporting:

Some, like actors Kumail Nanjiani and Alyssa Milano, responded by blasting Moore. Milano had been a vocal supporter of Jones throughout the campaign.


Celebrities and entertainers weren’t the only ones “happy as clams” about the pro-abortion Jones taking home a victory.

It seems Moore had quite a few enemies in the Republican Party’s establishment wing and they also were glad to see the man go down in flames.

This isn’t really all that surprising, given the fact Moore is the kind of man who sticks to his convictions and principles rather than going with the flow for the sake of political expediency.

Breitbart also reported on this:

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman Cory Gardner (R-CO) said in a statement, “Tonight’s results are clear – the people of Alabama deemed Roy Moore unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate. I hope Senator-elect Doug Jones will do the right thing and truly represent Alabama by choosing to vote with the Senate Republican Majority.”

The Mitch McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund cheered Moore’s loss in a statement, saying, “This is a brutal reminder that candidate quality matters regardless of where you are running. Not only did Steve Bannon cost us a critical Senate seat in one of the most Republican states in the country, but he also dragged the President of the United States into his fiasco.”

However, these folks might be busting out the party hats just a tad bit too early. Moore himself has yet to concede, refusing to do so until the vote has been certified.

Business Insider has more:

Roy Moore released a YouTube video on Wednesday night refusing to concede the Senate special election he lost to his Democratic rival, Doug Jones, in Alabama one day earlier.

In the video, Moore insisted that the “the battle rages on,” pointing to military ballots, among others, that had yet to be counted before Alabama’s secretary of state, John Merrill, would officially certify the results.

“In this race, we have not received the final count​ to include ​military and provisional ballots,” Moore said Wednesday night. “This has been a very close race, and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state.”

Should celebrities and establishment politicians be so open in their joy over Roy Moore’s loss? First off, that’s just simply not mature conduct. Secondly, it illustrates just how much the political left and right were terrified of this man.

Moore is a person who stands on his principles and convictions and who planned on voting according to those principles. This meant he was going to be a thorn in the side of both sides. We need more men like this in Washington.

Now we must pray for our country. We must pray that this super pro-choice senator doesn’t end up making political choices while in office that will lead to the murder of innocent children in the womb. Well, more so than the number that already occur.

Pray that other leaders with the dedication to first principles like Moore rise up and don’t allow what happened in this election scare them from running for office.