“Cemetery of the Innocents” Memorial for Unborn Babies Vandal Declared She’ll “Keep Killing Babies”  


A pro-life display set up by a student group at Saint Louis University has been repeatedly vandalized despite being approved by the Catholic school, forcing its removal.

The memorial, “Cemetery of the Innocents,” has been set up each year on campus to commemorate babies killed in abortion.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that it has been vandalized, but one pro-life student was accosted by a girl he recognized as someone who had torn up part of the memorial, who told him she would “f***ing keep killing babies,” as Fox News reported.

“You’re a disgusting misogynist, and karma is going to f*cking get you,” the woman told the male student who confronted her. “You’ll see that when you die, and hopefully you f*cking go to hell.”

“You can see my pictures, you can see how pretty I am, how good of a life I have. And what do you have? You’re a f*cking loser,” she declared. “You just really enjoy your life, cause I’ll enjoy mine. And I’ll f*cking keep killing babies.”

Later that evening, more individuals were caught on video in the act of ripping up the flags, but dropped them once confronted.

Isabelle Hotard, who confronted some of the vandals, told Fox that the traditionally Catholic school is nonetheless “extremely left leaning.”

It is a bit of an echo chamber on [Saint Louis University’s] campus, our entire campus is extremely left leaning, so you just find a lot of people, particularly among the students in positions of authority, who will be far more tolerant of left-leaning beliefs rather than right-leaning beliefs,” she said.

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