Charges Reinstated Against Portland Teacher Arrested In Antifa Riots After New Evidence Surfaces


Although all charges against her were previously dropped, a Portland, Oregon teacher may be held accountable for her part in last year’s vicious riots after all.

In the city’s first known instance, the case against Malia Lynne Trammel has been reinstated after the alleged rioter had all her charges dropped last summer over her participation in a violent Antifa riot.

Trammell, 29, was an occasional substitute science teacher and assistant volleyball coach at Gladstone High School. According to a statement from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, she was indicted on one count each of felony riot, felony identity theft, second-degree criminal mischief, interfering with a peace officer, and third-degree escape.

The DA office adds that Trammel was with a group of rioters who used caltrops, or metal spike devices, to puncture the tires of a Portland Police vehicle during a riot outside a police station in southeast Portland on August 6 of last year.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, several Antifa thugs destroyed security cameras, started fires, and lobbed large rocks, mortar fireworks, and glass bottles at responding police officers. The mob also assaulted two women who lived in the neighborhood and attempted to stop the crowd from destroying the precinct, an incident that was captured on video:

When police attempted to arrest Trammell after she allegedly damaged the police vehicle, she slipped out of her backpack and ran away. After turning a corner, however, Trammell fell and was apprehended and arrested. Officers reportedly discovered several rebar spike devices in her backpack.

For unimaginable reasons, Trammell was released without bail and her charges were quickly dropped by district attorney Mike Schmidt despite their severity. Thankfully, the charges were reinstated five months later after police submitted additional evidence.

According to The Post Millennial, an administrative assistant for the Gladstone School District confirmed that Trammell was employed by them but that she had “not been paid by the district since November 2019.” The outlet adds that it is unknown if Trammell was teaching anywhere else at the time of the riot.

Trammell will be in court again early in March to answer for her alleged crimes. Pray that justice would be upheld in our nation and that every single rioter would be taken to task for their crimes!

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