Chicago Art Professor Literally Wants His Students to “Turn Out Queer”


Just when you think that conservatives are paranoid for thinking all modern education seems to be designed to promote homosexuality among the next generation, someone actually comes out and admits that that’s his end goal.

An art professor in Chicago has penned an article in a peer-reviewed academic journal in which he describes his ideas about how art teachers can “help kids turn out queer.”

No, seriously, that’s the title of his article: “Helping Kids Turn Out Queer: Queer Theory in Art Education.”

“I contemplate the ways in which art education researchers address queerness and how those forms of address impact the relations that are (im)possible within the educational dynamic,” writes Professor Adam Greteman, who, according to The Blaze, is responsible for educating aspiring K-12 art teachers.

His agenda to make students…queerer…is to introduce, well, lots more queerness. As Campus Reform describes it, this means more “queer art lessons,” a “queerer agenda”, and engaging in “queer affirmation” to make LGBT students feel more included in class.

As if LGBT students in art class in 2017 would struggle to feel included.

The Blaze shares that he has a very odd definition of the word “queer”:

“I see a working definition of queer as cultivating the ability to look at things in fresh new ways; to be able to see and hold in tension multiple viewpoints about being and living in the complex world,” he says.

Again…making things more LGBT, or “queer” friendly in 2017 isn’t exactly fresh. The left has been working tirelessly to makeover the educational system into a virtual factory for pro-LGBT, anti-traditional family minds.

I suppose we can give this guy points for actually admitting to the agenda?