Chicago Declares Itself “Sanctuary” for Abortion, Transgender Surgeries

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The city of Chicago has declared itself to be a place of “sanctuary” for “reproductive health care” or “gender-affirming care.”

This comes as several conservative states in the nation move to restrict and ban the morally controversial medical practices of abortion and gender transition treatments and surgeries, the latter in the case of gender dysphoric minors.

Under the ordinance, Chicago workers would be banned from aiding any legal action taken against an individual involved with such practices as long as they are legal in Illinois.

In the months following the landmark Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, several states have moved to ban abortion as others have moved to protect or even expand access to abortion.

“I pledged that we will always be a city that respects the dignity of bodily autonomy for women. That we’re always gonna make sure our providers are able to serve women, wherever they reside, that are coming to our city to access reproductive health care services because that, to me, is a fundamental right,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in an interview this week, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

On Wednesday, the Chicago City Council approved the “Bodily Autonomy Sanctuary City Ordinance” which prohibits city the Chicago Police Department or any other local government agency from aiding in investigations involved with enforcing laws relating to abortion or “other reproductive” care, as the Times explained.

“It also shields those seeking gender-affirming care in Chicago, medical providers who treat those patients and others who help those patients, such as by providing information, transportation and housing,” the outlet noted.

The ordinance states that city workers are prohibited from “provid[ing] information related to, or in furtherance of, any investigation or proceeding initiated in or by another state or jurisdiction that seeks to impose civil or criminal liability or professional sanctions upon a person for the provision or receipt of, or any inquiry concerning, reproductive health care or gender-affirming care that is legal in the State of Illinois.”

The ordinance is modeled after the Welcoming Cities Ordinance that established Chicago as a “sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants.

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“So Chicago is always gonna be an oasis for justice for all,” Lightfoot also said, adding that her office is also putting substantial funds behind efforts to establish Chicago as an abortion sanctuary.

“Not only do we make that pledge. We put our money where our mouth is,” she explained. “I immediately allocated $500,000 to make sure that our providers could take care of women that were traveling from other states. Travel, lodging, aftercare. And we’re gonna be making another big commitment as we go into budget season. We have to make sure that women in this country are not taken back to the pre-Roe years where they had no control over the circumstances under which they had children.”

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