Chicago Kidnapper Gets No Prison Time For Hate Crime Against White Special Needs Man


There have been a lot of egregious and sickening displays of racism in 2017, but one of the worst happened when a group of black teenagers kidnapped a white special needs man and essentially tortured him.

What’s worse is they broadcast this incident on social media because they wanted an audience to behold their disturbing hatred, apparently thinking that would make them look cool.

After many long months, we now know the fate of one of the kidnappers and it’s a horrible miscarriage of justice.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January.

Calling the incident “horrific,” Cook County Circuit Judge William Hooks banned Covington from social media over the four years, prohibited her from contact with two of her co-defendants and ordered her to do 200 hours of community service.
Hooks told Covington he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.”

Hooks said he hoped the strict terms of probation would put Covington on a more productive life path, but he warned she would face prison time if she violated any of the restrictions.

“Do not mess this up,” Hooks told Covington, who stood quietly in a blue jail uniform with her hands clasped behind her back.

The 19-year-old also pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and intimidation charges. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped additional charges, including kidnapping.

Now, just for a moment, imagine the tables were turned and it was a black special needs student and a white kidnapper. You can rest assured the guilty party would be spending a lengthy respite in prison, and you know what, that’s exactly what they would deserve.

In the video that was posted on Facebook, the camera focuses often on Covington’s face and shows her smoking marijuana on numerous occasions, narrating much of the action taking place in the live feed.

The group of four teens cut the 18-year-old white victim’s scalp using a knife and also physically assaulted him with punches and kicks, laughing hysterically as they did so.

There were three other individuals charged in the incident: Jordan Hill, 19, Tesfaye Cooper, 19, and Covington’s 25-year-old sister, Tanishia.

A verdict has not yet been reached in their case as it’s still pending.

We are a nation that has been egregiously divided, thanks in large part to the mainstream media doing their best to push the differences between us, focusing particularly on skin color, rather than on the shared human experience that binds us together.

The only hope for true racial reconciliation is through the gospel of Jesus, a recognition that sinners need the grace of God, and that since we are all His image bearers, we all have value, meaning, and purpose.

Let us pray the other individuals responsible for this horrific act are held accountable for their actions and suffer some real consequences for what they did to this poor man.