Chicago Public Schools to Require Schools Allow Boys and Girls to Share Bathrooms


Chicago Public Schools are now required to display signs outside bathrooms that expressly state that students and staff may use bathrooms that correspond to their “gender identity or expression” which they stated was a “big step forward for gender equity.”

Examples of the signs provided by the school district included verbiage stating bathrooms were open to “users of any identity expression” or inviting “all who feel comfortable” to use the restroom.

According to The Daily Wire, CPS released a statement from Camie Pratt, the district’s Chief Title IX Officer and Deb Spraggins, the district’s Deputy Chief Title IX Officer.

The administrators stated:

The new school year is off to a strong start as we’ve welcome our students back to our school buildings five days each week. On top of ensuring that each of our schools is a safe learning environment, we’re also taking steps to create more inclusive and supportive schools. One change that will be implemented this school year relates to our school bathrooms.

In compliance with new federal guidelines, all CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity. We will be providing all schools with updated signage that makes our bathrooms more inclusive. It will identify the fixtures available in each restroom and make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.

Staff will continue to have “Staff-Only” restrooms available to them. This is an incredibly important step to increase gender equity for all, which is why we will be requiring all schools to post this signage by December 1 of this school year. Our district’s Office of Student Protections and Title IX is also working on a long-term plan to create more permanent signage for our bathrooms.

Earlier this year, Chicago Public Schools also began requiring schools to make condoms available for all students beginning in middle school and older, i.e., students as young as 12.

And this fall, the Loudoun County, Virginia public school system has been under fire after it was revealed that a female student was raped in a girls’ bathroom by a student who by many accounts identified as gender fluid.

Loudoun County has been the site of many heated and high-profile school board meeting debates and protests surrounding bathroom policies such as Chicago Public Schools is now implementing.

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