Chicago Violence Claims Life Of Two Parishioners On Church Steps


The violence that has consumed the Windy City is out of control. That’s not merely a political talking point either, as scores of completely innocent people have lost their lives as thugs run roughshod over the city.

We have another horrifying example of that, and it occurred in shocking fashion. As Christian News shares, “Two men were fatally shot outside of a Chicago church on Sunday by an unknown gunman who charged them with an accomplice as they were walking up the steps to join the congregation for the morning service.”

Allow that to sink in for a moment. Two innocent men were simply on their way to their preferred house of worship on a Sunday morning. They would be shot dead before they even stepped foot inside of the church.

Reginald Bachus, the pastor of the church, offered up some thoughts to help place the tragedy in perspective.

“It’s just hard for me to believe that something like this could happen on a Sunday morning,” he said, according to Christian News. “Two young men on their way to church. … I think that’s the hardest part for me to grasp.”   

If there has ever been a more clear sign that something needs to be done right away in Chicago, we’re not sure what that sign looks like. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has never found a liberal talking point that he wasn’t absolutely in love with, and he wastes an unfathomable amount of time pontificating about whatever the liberal cause du jour of the week is.

He does this with a clear conscience as opposed to devoting more time to solving the overwhelming problems in the city he has been elected to run. President Donald Trump has promised to send some help in to figure it out if Emanuel can’t get a handle on it, and that can’t come soon enough.

Trump needs to send as much help to Chicago as he possibly can, and Emanuel had best not have the gall to say a peep about it while they do the job that he obviously isn’t capable of doing.

Source: Christian News