Chicago’s Boystown Venue To Host “Ice Follies” Drag Queen Skate Show


If you’re in the Chicago metro and were hoping to take in a nice, relaxing afternoon of ice skating with your family at Gallagher Way this Sunday, think again. The drag queens are coming.

According to its website, businesses in Chicago’s Northalsted neighborhood will be hosting Boystown Ice Follies, a drag show on ice, on Sunday, February 9. This will fit in quite nicely with the organization’s past events such as its gay Halloween parade and Santa “Speedo run” (which is too disgusting to show here!)

The ice skating event will feature “skating hilarity, [a] live DJ, hot drinks, cold beer/cocktails & drag entertainment” and will feature “ice queen Denali Foxx, DJ CircuitMOM, [and] host Alexis Bevels.”

Considering these folks are from Boystown, a slice of Chicago between Northalsted and North Broadway that boasts “one of the largest LGBT communities in the Midwestern US,” we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see an event like this take place in one of the neighborhood’s nightclubs.
But, remember, it’s 2020, the year of the drag queen. These people demand the adoration of the public, and as such, their “skating hilarity” will be taking place at the neighboring open-air ice rink just outside Wrigley Field.
In other words, anyone misfortunate enough to be raising children near this cesspit of sexual immorality risks their child being exposed to the deep psychological confusion inherent in “drag performance.”
This is sick!!
According to its website, the Northalsted Business Alliance “works diligently to maintain a safe and beautiful neighborhood for residents, business owners and visitors.”
There is nothing “safe and beautiful” about a drag show on ice out in the open for children and families to be exposed to! What is wrong with these people??
Saints, we’ve got work to do. Contact Gallagher Way and urge them to drop this depraved event!

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