Is Your Child Being Assigned This Disgusting, Pornographic Novel in High School?


It seems there is no end to the smut they share in public schools, from sex ed to normalizing transgenderism to provocatively-dressed dance teams performing routines that would be better in a strip club than at a high school football game.

You can’t ever let your guard down, even when it comes to a very innocent-seeming summer reading assignment, which is exactly what happened this year at the high school that Carla D’Addesi’s daughters go to.

Carla was recently approached by a friend and fellow mother of hers who came to her house distraught one day holding the book, The Handmaid’s Tale, which had been assigned to the juniors at the school their children attended together.

Carla and her friend were shocked and disgusted to read together the content of this 1984 novel by Margaret Atwood, which contains excessive cursing, sexual references, explicit sexual content, lesbianism, rape, and grotesque violence.

The novel centers around the life of “Offred”, a “handmaid” in the dystopian world of Atwood’s creation in which Christian fundamentalists have taken over the United States and placed women in a position of sexual servitude, mandating they bear their master’s children ala Hagar, Abraham, and Sarah, and walk around in outfits that cover their whole bodies and most of their faces.

Really, it’s not unlike contemporary Saudi Arabia or Yemen, but this irony escapes many of the leftists who hail the novel and subsequent TV series as a chilling warning of what the country will be like if Mike Pence has his way.

The book is anti-Christian in two ways: it is first of all a twisted fantasy of the hardcore left of what they think devout Christians want the world to look like, and secondly, it is absolutely jam-packed with highly inappropriate content for high school students.

The Literate Mother blog, which provides honest reviews of novels for parents of children and adolescents, gives A Handmaid’s Tale a 5 across the board on language, violence, sexual content, and adult themes. That’s on a scale of 0-5, by the way.

Considering a large theme of the book is sex, it is already full of sexual references and descriptive language that are completely inappropriate for a teenager. On top of that, there are regular hangings, assassinations, suicides, rapes, a vividly described sex club, and homosexuality, all peppered with loads of very explicit language including blasphemous references and a hearty dose of the f-word.

It is absolutely astounding that anyone involved in high school academics would ever consider this appropriate not just for high school, but for incoming juniors. The HULU show is rated 18+, why on earth would one assign the novel it was based on to children younger than this?

Hear Carla explain just how sick and twisted the book is–and what she’s doing to stand up against this smut–in her conversation with Counter Culture Mom:

Carla is a true activist mommy for bringing attention to this! Please share this video or article with as many people as you can to warn other parents to keep watch over what their children are reading in school!