Children’s Pole Dancing Demonstrated, Defended on Live TV in UK


When you think of pole dancing, surely you do not think of it as a sport for young children rather than a sexually explicit activity that takes place in dark, seedy nightclubs. Apparently, this isn’t a ubiquitous option anymore, though. 

In the U.K., controversy erupted from those who still consider pole dancing to be entirely inappropriate for children after three young girls did a demonstration on ITV’s This Morning in which they showed off the “skills” they’ve learned while attending Pole Intentions classes in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

These classes are being defended by instructors and governing sports bodies alike, shockingly. Pole Intentions instructor, Zoe Hardy, claims the classes are about sport and are not sexual while the International Pole Sports Federation claims that these types of classes “help train future athletes,” according to a report by the BBC.

“Children are our future pole sports athletes and just like any sport we need to train our athletes from a young age,” a spokesperson for the International Pole Sports Federation said. The federation itself has been featuring children in the World Pole Sports Championships for the last three years and they also have a course dedicated to training children in the “sport” of pole dancing called the Youth Pole Sports Coaching course.

This is akin to Drag Queen Story Hours. We’re supposed to just believe there is nothing inappropriate about grown men dressed as women reading books to children just like we are supposed to just accept that pole dancing is a sport and there is nothing sexual about children participating! Yeah, right. 

Instructor Zoe Hardy believes if adults “perceive the activity as being a sexual thing it is ‘in their own head,’” according to the BBC.

“Now we are moving on and away from the strip clubs to a different kind of pole performance, which is a sport,” she asserted.

The left wants to convince us that it’s OK  for children to be involved in these things because they’re just children, after all, so there’s no possible way for it to be sexual.  but This is patently false. They would have us believe we are the ones with the problem because we see it for what it is, sexual grooming and exploitation of children.

“In order for us to be a recognised sport we have to have the same as other sports, so having children included is what any sport would have and we are no different,” the spokesperson argued. That makes as much sense as allowing children to job shadow at strip clubs since it’s a “profession.” Apparently, it’s more important for pole dancing to be recognized as a “sport” than it is to protect children.

Just like we are supposed to hail drag queens as community heroes and leaders, Pole Sports UK believes children pole dancers should be “celebrated,” the BBC reports.

“We are actively trying to encourage people outside of the industry to see past the immediate connotations surrounding the term ‘pole dancing’ to recognise that pole sports is so much more,” it said in a statement.

Pole dancing is what erotic dancers do. There’s no way around that fact. Pole dancing, by nature, is sexual and it’s impossible to separate pole dancing from its intrinsically exploitative character.

Psychologist Kerry Nixon is a critic of the child pole dancing classes, she says, “Pole dancing is inextricably linked to sexuality.”

“The whole notion of pole dancing historically goes hand in hand with a sexual aspect of dance so therefore it is linked and we can’t get away from that.”

She’s absolutely right but liberal parents will continue to bury their heads in the sand of progressivism and ignore the sexual exploitation and grooming of their own children right before their eyes. It’s truly disturbing.

Pray for the U.K., their society is deeply steeped in sexual depravity. 


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