Children’s Rights Activists Raise Alarm About Book Celebrating “Throuple” Raising Children


Children’s rights activists are sounding the alarm over a children’s book which celebrates a “throuple,” i.e. three men in a relationship legally recognized by the state of California as the legal parents to the two children they are raising together.

Ian Jenkins is the author of the book “Three Dads and a Baby” which tells the story of his legal effort along with partners Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges to legally adopt two babies born by a surrogate mother.

The three men recently appeared on Australia’s “Morning Show” to promote the book, which goes on sale March 9 The Christian Post reported.

According to the Huffington Post, the three men are raising a little girl, Piper, and boy, Parker, who are half-siblings that were born to a surrogate mother. The throuple only began to consider raising children together when a friend offered them what can only be described as her extra eggs, leftover from in-vitro fertilization.

“One of his friends offered us the embryos they had left from making their family through IVF but couldn’t use,” Hodges told HuffPo in December. “We had the option to adopt the embryos and make the decision to raise a unique family.”

This complicated approach to birthing and raising children led to a complicated legal process.

“We weren’t sure that we could have all three of us on the birth certificate so it became a court process,” Mayfield explained during this week’s interview discussing the forthcoming book.

“It was a pretty interesting, tense courtroom scene where at first it seemed we were not going to be granted that and we asked to speak in court and plead our viewpoint and the judge ultimately changed her mind and granted us legal parentage for our child before she was born,” he said.

“If our child, God forbid, was to end up in the hospital, one of the parents might not be able to go visit them,” Hodges chimed in to explain, using what some might note was rather interesting phrasing.

“It was really important to be recognized as the family that we are, and, thankfully, we live in California, which is a state that, after some teeth pulling and fighting, actually did then allow us to do that, so that was amazing,” he said.

Katy Faust is of the aptly named organization Them Before Us, which advocates for the needs of children to be prioritized above the desires of adults and was cited by CP explaining that this unconventional family situation is the result of a society placing the wants of aspiring parents over the needs of the children they’d like to raise.

“Of course the real victims are the two motherless children who were intentionally separated from the woman who provided half of their genetic identity, the woman to whom they bonded during their first 9 1/2 months of life, and who will be starved of the daily maternal love that all children crave,” she said, according to the outlet.

She explained that this is downwind of other major societal changes in the norms of how we raise children which had ultimately put the needs of the child first.

“That slippery slope of ‘if the adults are happy the children will be happy’ which began with no-fault divorce, normalized single mothers by choice, insisted gender is irrelevant to parenting during the gay marriage debate, is now championing male throuples raising motherless children,” Faust explained.

“Until we recognize that children have a natural and fundamental right to be known and loved by both their mother and father, you can expect more wild variations of the modern family, as children become the acceptable sacrifice on the pyre of adult desires.”

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