Chilean Family and Pro-LGBT Activists Battle Over Transgender Bill Targeting Children


The English-speaking West is certainly not the only place in the world faced with a surge of cultural and legal battles over the apparent rise in self-identifying transgender children.

Our brothers and sisters in Latin America are also battling to make their voices heard as governments seek to adopt bills that would allow for drastic transgender treatment for small children, something many fear is a very slippery slope.

In Chile, the activist group Mass Resistance reports on what they feel was a recent victory in Chilean Parliament after a coordinated effort to make the voices of parents, Christians, and pro-family activists heard before a bill that would allow surgical and hormonal treatment for children under the age of 14.

They report:

On Sept. 4 the LGBT lobby in Chile had another setback in their effort to push their agenda through the Parliament. It happened as Chile MassResistance activists organized massive protests that day – both in the streets of Valparaiso, the capital, and inside the Parliament building – fighting a destructive transgender bill targeting vulnerable children.

This followed Chile MassResistance protests in Santiago and across the country during the previous week.

That day, the bill was being taken up in the Senate. Apparently as a result of the protests, the Senate, with support now fading, passed a weaker version of the bill. The House of Deputies then postponed their vote until Sept. 12, as their leadership realized they no longer had the votes to pass it right away (but did not want to give up). Chile MassResistance will not give up, either!

They explain that, on September 4th, in a vote that many of their members were present for, as well as many LGBT activists, Parliament was unable to pass a bill that would allow hormone treatment and surgery for children under the age of 14.

They did, however, vote in favor of a similar bill applying to children over the age of 14, which will have a final vote later this month.

The 155 Deputies must vote on the bill just approved by the Senate. They just can vote to affect children 14 years old and older, not under 14. But the House of Deputies’ leaders decided to postpone the vote (which would have been on Sept. 5) because they suspected they did not have the 4/7 of the votes to approve the bill. So we are still in the fight, begging God and making all our effort to stop this! The next vote should be Wednesday, Sept. 12. And we are going to be there fighting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

If you’d like to stand with our Chilean brothers and sisters, they are asking for donations, and of course, let’s keep them in prayer and spread the word about the work they are doing!