China Leads the World In Jailing Journalists for the Second Year In A Row


One of the (many) grave logical errors that those on the left often make is that President Donald Trump’s criticism of what he calls “fake news”—seemingly biased corporate news coverage that skews the facts to adhere to a certain agenda—is the same as a government attack on a free press.

President Trump, for all his historic moves as POTUS, never once did a single thing to suppress the time-honored and constitutionally sacred tradition of a free press.

Unless you count kicking CNN’s Jim Acosta out of the White House, which if anything, did more to preserve the communication of facts and truth than it did to hinder the practice, some might argue.

Meanwhile, actually tyrannical leaders in legitimately fascistic countries that the same leftists often defend by virtue of the fact that they’re frequently criticized by Trump are throwing journalists in jail exactly for practicing their God-given rights to free speech.

Ironies upon ironies.

You may recall that, at the beginning of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, the Chinese Communist Party booted foreign journalists from the nation which caused a mild international stir among anyone who doesn’t broadly ignore the tyrannical regime lest they get caught agreeing with Trump and Republicans.

This is nothing compared to what China does to its own journalists who give the CCP reason to believe they are subverting the state’s authority.

After all, this is a real-life, modern-day communist dictatorship and there’s no point in pretending otherwise.

Breitbart reports that for the second year in a row, China has been branded as the world’s worst jailer of journalists as per the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) which released its annual press freedom report Tuesday.

“About half of China’s 47 known imprisoned journalists are Uyghurs, the oppressed Muslim minority herded into concentration camps by the Chinese government,” Breitbart notes.

The CPJ noted, in agreement with many other human rights advocates, that oppressive governments around the world have been cracking down on free expression amid the pandemic.

“A record number of journalists were imprisoned globally for their work in 2020 as authoritarian nations arrested many covering COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] or political instability. Amid the pandemic, governments delayed trials, restricted visitors, and disregarded the increased health risk in prison; at least two journalists died after contracting the disease in custody,” CPJ reported.

The report included the names of 274 journalists who were jailed for reasons linked to their profession in 2020, which surpassed the record tally of 272 from 2016.

This was the second year that China has led the world in imprisoned journalists and the fifth consecutive year that “repressive governments have imprisoned at least 250 journalists.”

In second place was the nation of Turkey; in third place was Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the nations of Belarus and Ethopia were fingered as “countries where the number of jailed journalists rose significantly” in correspondence with local political unrest.

Many of the journalists jailed in China were arrested due to “coverage that threatened the official narrative of Beijing’s response” to the coronavirus. This included journalists who used social media to thwart CCP censorship and report from the ground in Wuhan.

You may recall figures who had initially tried to warn the world of the severity of the outbreak in Wuhan suspiciously disappearing after their messages got out.

Breitbart notes that “Chinese officials did everything possible to block or delete the work of these journalists, often without offering clear reasons for their censorship actions.”

This is not a nation that is governing its people justly—it is a nation in which billions of people live in their own personal Orwellian dystopia.

Americans need to stop pretending the CCP is anything other than what it is.

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