Chinese Church Members Arrested After They Attended Christian Conference…A Year Ago


The Chinese Communist Party has received international scrutiny over the last few years for their treatment of the Uighur population in the Xinjiang province, where the ethnic Muslim minority population is being systematically subjugated.

The conditions, by many accounts, resemble a modern-day Holocaust; the CCP says it’s all being done in the name of preventing extremism.

The CCP also routinely persecutes practitioners of the Falun Gong tradition, which has exploded in popularity in recent decades, thus finding itself in the crosshairs of the authoritarian regime.

Biblical Christians, meanwhile, also find themselves often targeted by the CCP, which condones the promotion of its values through a state-run Three-Self Church and requires any other Christian organization to submit to state-mandated requirements including allegiance to the godless regime.

We have shared a number of stories over the past year of Christian churches being raided, their pastors arrested, often in the middle of conducting services.

Churches that speak out against the repressive regime find themselves routinely targeted by the state, and by some accounts, Christians are subject to horrific torture in dark jails that can be set up and torn down covertly.

The Chinese church is under attack — and there is no amount of attention paid to this crisis that could be considered excessive.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that five Christians who belong to the Xuncheng Reformed Church in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province were arrested by authorities last month for attending a Christian conference over a year ago.

According to preacher An Yankui, church member Zhang Ligong was detained on July 13 and kept by authorities for 15 days.

When he was released, two more church members were arrested as they arrived to pick him up. Three more church members were arrested in their homes.

The five who were arrested had flown to Malaysia last year to attend the “KL2020 Gospel and Culture” conference, which was hosted by Stephen Tong, a prominent Chinese Indonesian pastor, ICC explains.

Their travel and return were all conducted legally.

“May God never forsake His children and continue to grant mercy to His church on the path carrying the cross,” An Yankui said in a Facebook post asking for prayers for his church members.

As of ICC’s posting on Jul 29, none of the church members had received detention notices and it was unclear how long those still in police custody would be detained for.

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