Christian Activist’s Viral LGBT Pride Month Post Is Removed From Facebook, Citing Standards


A Christian activist named Jason Storms posted on Facebook about the end of the LGBTQ community’s “Pride Month.”

Within days, Storms’ post had reached almost 5,000 interactions and was clearly a sentiment that others identified with.

Here’s what it said:

“LGBT Pride month is officially over. I did not celebrate. I grieved. To summarize the festivities; tens of thousands of homosexual men have contracted AIDS this month, hundreds of thousands more have severeely ruptured their rectal organs and will be unable to go to the bathroom in a normal manner again. Millions more have spread and contracted a host of diseases from syphilis to gonorrhea as well as the onset of anal and rectal cancer as feces, semen, and blood are mixed in the most unnatural of ways. It has been quite a month.”

“How can I say I care about ‘gay people’ if I encrourage and celebrate this behavior? Two men sodomizing each is not love, it is unhealthy and destructive behavior. Many will call me a hater and a bigot for saying this (oblivious to their own hatred and bigotry) but it is love that demands I say these things. How many young men are being seduced into this self-destructive lifestyle while the media celebrates and panders to their seducers? If I love homosexuals I will seek to steer them out of that lifestyle and inform them of the work of courageous men, like Dr. Josef Nicolosi, who have developed reparative treatments rescuing men and women from same-sex attractions.”

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with a good supporting community, can liberate and set free any one of us from the deepest addictions, habits and desires.”

“Our bodies were designed for lifelong monogomous sexual activity between a male and female. All the scientific data confirms this. This is the standard. All the propaganda, hype, sentamentality and seductions of our modern narcissistic age will not change that standard. America will either turn back to this standard or we will go the way of the Roman Empire.”

#HedonismUltimatelyFails #LGBT #ChangeIsPossible #SpeakTheTruthInLove

Here are screenshots of the post:

Jason posted the following today:

“So I decided to repost this as FB DELETED IT this morning, locking me out of my account for several hours and then giving me a reprimand for posting offensive material. The thought police are alive and well as diversity and tolerance have been grotesquely redefined to mean only those things consistent with the narrow dogmas of leftist, humanistic, sexual liberation ideology that dominate the media and entertainment industries. We need to fight back. We need to raise our voices. “Be strong and of good courage”. Our children’s future hangs in the balance.”