Christian Mom Set to be Executed in Pakistan for ‘Blasphemy’


Time and time again the media pounds on Christians and Christianity as a whole for being “intolerant,” often times because people of faith who take the Bible seriously do not support homosexuality or some other form of sexual perversion.

Anyone bold enough to stand up for their convictions, like Jack Phillips, the Christian baker from Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding, get labeled “bigot” or “hateful” and some are even punished by having their business taken away.

Yet you rarely ever hear these same standards being applied to the religion of Islam. No, according to the Marxists on the left, Islam is a “religion of peace.” All one has to do in order to make that true is ignore entire centuries of bloodshed, war, sexual violence, and torture.

And if you’ve kept your eye on the news you’ll see that nothing much has changed. Radical Islamists demand anyone who doesn’t bow the knee to Islam or pay a tax should be put to death.

We constantly hear of new videos emerging showing groups like ISIS brutally beheading and burning people alive who are Christians, homosexuals, or not ascribing to their brand of Islam. And Christians are the intolerant ones?

Sadly, another Christian — a mother — from the Middle East is about to have her voice join the choir of martyrs who have lost their lives for the cause of Christ at the hand of the weak willed Pakistani government.

The charge? Blasphemy.

The Daily Wire reports:

Aasiya Noreen, also known as Asia Bibi, is facing execution by hanging following the terrorist group Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR) violent protests. The extremists have intimidated the government into showing no tolerance for citizens accused of blasphemy, according to a Morning Star News report.

Noreen was arrested in 2010 following an argument with a Muslim woman over a water bowl. She was sentenced to death under the blasphemy law and her sentence was upheld by a lower court.

Her lead attorney, Saiful Malook, told the high court during the trial that the intimidation that TLYR is putting on the government could affect his client’s chances of a fair trial should it go to Pakistan’s Supreme Court this month.

“It is Asia’s fundamental right to appeal her death sentence,” he said. “… but the naked threats made to judges from the podium at the protest sit-in at Faizabad, in full view of the state, and its subsequent surrender to their demands, does not bode well for Asia and all other people accused of blasphemy as well as their defenders.”

A Civil Rights activist, Shakeel Naz, believes that if the government continues to cave to the demands of radicals, they will increase the persecution of Christians and other religious groups aggressively.

In a statement made to the Morning Star News Naz said, “I am still finding it hard to digest. How could the government cave in to such ridiculous demands, knowing very well that it will roll back all the progress that has been made thus far in trying to make Pakistan a religiously moderate country?”

Jesus said that if we loved Him and followed Him, the world would hate us as it hated Him, and that is certainly the truth. Believers must always be prepared to be put down, spit at, verbally and physically assaulted, and even martyred for faith in Christ.

Please pray for this precious woman and for all believers around the world experiencing persecution.