Christian Pastor Arrested After Preaching the Gospel on the Streets of Toronto


We’re living in an increasingly hostile period in time when it comes to Christians taking an open, bold stand on the truth of the Word of God. Many of videos now exist showing angry, godless liberals verbally berating and physically assaulting pro-life advocates or anyone who dares to obey the Lord’s command to share the gospel of grace with those who are in desperate need of a savior.

Canada, an extremely left-wing, socialist nation where the vast majority of folks support the murder of the unborn and the indulgence of sexual perversion and promiscuity, seems to be growing ever more intolerant of Christ followers sharing their faith.

This is a reality that Pastor David Lynn discovered after taking to the streets to share the gospel on the streets of Toronto earlier this week. Lynn was violently assaulted and harassed for warning sinners about the wrath of God that they would suffer if they didn’t repent of their sins and trust in the cross of Christ for salvation.

But things got even worse. He was later arrested, by a homosexual police officer, and faces charges of disturbing the peace. That’s right, folks. Sharing the gospel is now considered “disturbing the peace.” But you know, this isn’t the first time such a charge was brought against God’s people.

In Acts 17:6, city authorities brought a disciple named Jason and some other Christian believers into custody, calling them “men who have turned the world upside down.”

Christians have always been subversive to the popular, dominant culture of the day. If you want to truly be countercultural, you don’t become a leftist. Everyone is doing that. You become a Christ follower.

Here’s the Facebook post from Torch of Christ Ministries discussing Pastor Lynn’s arrest, followed by a short video clip:

Pray for my brother in Christ. Pastor David Lynn will be in court this morning at 10am on charges of disturbing the…

Posted by Torch of Christ Ministries on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Don’t think this sort of egregious violation of a Christian’s rights can’t happen here in America? Think again.

We’ve already had plenty of tastes of this kind of treatment. Like the Colorado cake baker who nearly had his business destroyed for refusing to bake a same-sex wedding cake.

The truth of the matter is we all need to start taking a bold stand for the Word of God and being willing to pay the price to present the world with the gospel they need to hear. Yes, there will be a cost, which might include our individual liberty, but the truth is worth losing everything for, especially if it means the world around us sees the glory of the Lord lifted high and exalted.

Please pray for Pastor Lynn and Torch of Christ Ministries to be treated fairly by the city of Toronto and to be able to continue their service to the Lord.


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