Christian Publishing Company Declines To Print Pro-LGBT Student Magazine


The debate over an individual or company’s right to refuse service for conscientious reasons continues to rage on after an Alabama printing company had the courage to stand up and honor their Christian convictions.

Interstate Printing and Graphics is suffering an intense backlash after the owners of the Mobile-based company exercised their right to refuse to print content with which they strongly disagree. 

In this case, the company declined to serve a leftist student magazine from the University of South Alabama who was seeking to publish an issue highlighting “diversity and inclusion.”

According to LGBTQ Nation, Interstate had been serving the magazine, Due South, without incident since 2012. The special topic edition, however, became a problem for the Christian-owned company:

Interstate Printing “emailed me back and said they would be exercising their right to decline printing this issue because it does not adhere to their Christian values and they hope to print with us in the future,” said Editor-in-Chief Sara Boone, 21.

She said that the company has been printing Due South since 2012 and that she placed an order for 3500 copies and was quoted a price of $5000. But when the company saw the content of the magazine, they went cold.

Boone was apparently shocked that anyone wouldn’t want to highlight campus diversity with an issue that showcased “body positivity” and pro-LGBT messaging from a diverse group of students—one of whom, on the cover, proudly dons a hijab while posing next to cross-dressers. The picture of 2019 “multiculturalism;” every culture is represented except the dreaded Judeo-Christian heteronormativity.

“As the magazine expresses freedom of lifestyles, we must express our freedom by declining to print on the principle that we are a Christian company that does not adhere to the content,” Tracy Smith of Interstate Printing wrote in an email to Boone. “We value the 40-plus years relationship we have with the University of South Alabama, and look forward to continuing our work with USA on other print and mail service projects.”

LGBTQ Nation also points out that Interstate’s website has a Bible verse on it, (Romans 10:13 which says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord​ shall be saved,” an eternal truth we can only pray critics of the publication come to know ). The website also states, alongside their list of services, that Interstate is “a Christian company that will serve the Lord God Almighty in any way we can.”


In a surprising move, the university actually took note of the Christian company’s right to stand by their own convictions.  

According to the Advance Local, the university issued a statement which read:

The University of South Alabama is committed to the principles of freedom of expression and the exchange of different points of view,” said the statement. “We respect our students for having the courage of their convictions. At the same time, we also respect the rights of individuals and private businesses to make decisions that are consistent with their values. It is our hope that healthy and constructive dialogue can emerge from differing perspectives.

“It’s kind of disheartening to know that there are people out there who won’t change their minds, their views will not be waivered[sic],” Boone told the Advance Local. “No matter what we do, whose stories we write, no matter whose stories we tell, they are not going to bat an eyelid at all.”

Boone simply has no clue just how wrong she is. 

It is because of our deep convictions that this world and its people were created by the living God to live according to His design that Christians will not be moved. 

We hate each and every sin this world embraces, but we love and plead for the hearts of sinners and plead for them to do exactly what Interstate said on their site—to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved!

Until these people are either convicted and repentant of their sin or punished by a holy God for it (and trust us, those are the only two options) we praise God for the right to live and work in this country according to our God-given convictions!

Reach out to Interstate Printing on Facebook and offer them some kind words of encouragement.

Imagine if every self-identified Christian decided to make a stand this bold. It’s time for us to get up out of the safety and security of the pe

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