Christian In The UK Punished For Speaking About Her Faith With A Muslim Colleague


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A British court has delivered another blow to a woman who was suspended from her job in light of accusations that she spoke forcefully about her Christian faith with a Muslim co-worker.

According to The Christian Post, Victoria Wasteney previously served as the head of Forensic Occupational Therapy at a hospital in London.

In 2014, a Muslim co-worker named Enya Newaz filed an eight-page complaint alleging that Wasteney had attempted to convert her to Christianity on numerous occasions.

Among the incidents Newaz cited was one in which Wasteney prayed for her and another in which she invited her to a community sports event organized by her church.

As The Christian Post reports, Wasteney subsequently denied that her actions were attempts to convert Newaz, insisting that the prayer session was nothing more than her attempt to comfort Newaz during a difficult time.

“I put my hand on her knee to comfort her and asked if that was okay and said, ‘would you like me to pray for you?'” Wasteney told The Daily Mail in 2015.

“She said yes, so I asked for God to bring peace and healing. She left the office afterwards and said she was okay.”

Wasteney also claimed that she and Newaz had become friends while working alongside each other and even discussed religious differences without incident at various points.

Hear Wasteney speaking with the BBC about the nature of her religion-related contact with Newaz below.

Despite Wasteney’s insistence, officials with Britain’s health service in February of 2014 upheld a number of charges against her and convicted her of gross misconduct.

In October 2015, Wasteney appealed this ruling in court but lost in April of 2016.

The Christian Post quotes her as stating at that time, “what the court clearly failed to do was to say how, in today’s politically correct world, any Christian can even enter into a conversation with a fellow employee on the subject of religion and not, potentially, later end up in an employment tribunal.”

“If someone sends you friendly text messages, how is one to know that they are offended? I had no idea that I was upsetting her.”

Wasteney again attempted to appeal her conviction in court at the end of last month.

In a video shared by The Christian Legal Centre on YouTube prior to Wasteney’s court appearance, she stated that she hoped her new appeal would allow her to seek a new full hearing.

Unfortunately, as Christian Concern shared in a tweet on the day of Wasteney’s court appearance, that appeal request was rejected.

It remains to be seen what the next step for Victoria Wasteney’s legal action against her former employer is.

Stay tuned for updates and click here to learn how you can get involved with The Christian Legal Centre’s efforts to protect the liberty of British Christians.

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