Christmas Miracle: Comatose Woman Wakes Up, Asks For Water


Christmas time is known to be a time for miracles, most notably the one where the Son of God put on human flesh, entered our world, and sought to save humanity from the power and penalty of sin.

The King of all Kings becoming a baby? It’s almost too wonderful for the finite mind to comprehend. How could a being of pure holiness, power, and greatness humble Himself to such an extent as to take on humanity and rescue people who reject and hate Him? Again, miraculous.

Well, in case you needed proof that God is still at work in the world today, despite all the darkness we are exposed to on a daily basis, check out the amazing story of Shiela Lewis.

Lewis had been in a coma for 12 days with no food or water, her family having already accepted what they believed to be the inevitable outcome of her passing. But then something incredible happened.

She woke up.

LifeSiteNews has the details:

On Labor Day, Sheila, a grandmother, began to rapidly lose her memory.

“She could not grasp what day it was,” daughter Brandy Arends told Forum News Service. She says they “instantly” know something was very wrong.

Indeed, something was very wrong.

“She kept saying my brain is in a fog,” Chasity Brandt, another of Sheila’s daughters, shared with WDAY-TV’s Kevin Wallevand. She forgot her grandchildren’s names, then her daughters’ names, then her own name.

In short order, Sheila was taken to a Fargo hospital, but her condition only worsened. She lost the ability to speak. Breathing and feeding tubes were put in. She was placed in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

With no improvement, Sheila’s family eventually transported her to the Mayo Clinic. But even the Mayo Clinic’s expertise couldn’t help Sheila.

Arends said the “world-renowned doctors” at Mayo Clinic told her they had “never seen a case like” Sheila’s, according to a Twin Cities report.

Lewis soon fell into a coma, a total vegetative state for weeks, leading family to begin considering pulling her off life support. Eventually the decision was made and they all prepared to say goodbye to Shiela.

They took her off life support, planned her funeral, even buying black outfits to wear to the service. However, much to her daughters’ shock, Lewis didn’t die. After a time she was sent to live with one of her daughters where she received Hospice care.

After twelve long days of no food and water or oxygen support, the miracle happened. She asked for a glass of water, stunning her family.

Soon after, Lewis began to recover from the incident, prompting doctors to call her a miracle, a term that doesn’t get tossed about willy-nilly in the medical field.

Lewis went on to remark that she was grateful for her second chance at life, an attitude that all of us should adopt as we count the many blessings God has given us, which we don’t deserve and are an outpouring of His grace.

What a wonderful story to hear this time of year!