Church Bookstore In China Selling Communist Party’s “Little Red Book” Instead of Bibles


According to the international Christian rights watch group ChinaAid, the bookstore of a well-known church in Guangzhou, China has prominently displayed copies of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Little Red Book” instead of Bibles as the authoritarian regime continues to crack down on religious liberty.

Sha Mian Tang Church reportedly featured several copies of the book as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book, The Governance of China, according to a photograph of the inside of the shop.

“This well-known church served as the location from 1994-2001 as the second Canton Union Theological College location,” International Christian Concern notes.

However, it appears they are receiving pressure from the communist regime with what is likely a heavy hand.

One Catholic church in Jiangxi, according to ChinaAid, has no Bibles but rather CCP literature and banners which seek “to control and influence the thoughts of Christian citizens through the means noted, and to bring the Christian church is as a subordinate group under the CCP.”

International Christian Concern says that the CCP’s Administration for Religious Affairs, which recently imposed new regulations on how churches can operate under their watch, has ordered Christians to study Xi’s book and even to memorize his speeches.

Across the nation, churches are increasingly forced to accept the core socialist values of the CCP. Those that try to operate outside the governance of the CCP are subject to raids, their pastors and elders arrested, and according to some accounts, kept in underground, makeshift “brainwashing units” where they are tortured if they do not agree with a statement prepared for them by the state.

Christians and other religious minorities in China, such as Uighur Muslims and practitioners of Falun Gong, are living a modern-day reality not too dissimilar from how life under the Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany, or the USSR may have been.

Yet here in the West, we so often turn a blind eye. Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in China, who live under the constant eye of a government that would rather they worship its Marxist ideals than their Lord and Savior.

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